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May 23, 2012 06:35 PM

Tea with 2 little ladies

Aloha - Hawaii hound, wife, and 8 and 6 year0old daughters visitng NYC. Looking for a nice spot to have "tea" prior to seeing Mary Poppins at the New Amsterdam. We've looked at Alice's Tea, wondering if there's any other, better spot? Mahalo...

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  1. For an interesting, and, somewhat historic option, you might try The Russian Tea Room ( They do a "High Tea" and a "Children's Tea" there, and though I am no expert in these things, I thought it was actually very nice. I went out of curiosity with a fellow tea loving friend of mine, and had a great time. Somewhat pricey, but not off-puttingly so. It's a very interesting space, and a definite memory maker, I would think, for two young ladies.

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      I second the Russian Tea Room, particularly as they do a specific Children's Tea. There's also the Plaza (your girls will like the Eloise aspect).