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May 23, 2012 06:24 PM

what to do with leftover boiled chicken thighs that i find too gamey?

i'm not a big fan of thighs unless they're deep fried. in fact, i remember responding to a thread a while back and the OP had the same issue. the other day i made stock with organic thighs. now i'm stuck with a bunch of boiled thigh meat. i thought boiling them would get the gaminess out but i'm afraid it's enhanced the flavor. is there anything i can do with them before i toss a bunch of decent meat out. i wish i had a dog!

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  1. "Gaminess" is most often the result of improper handling of the meat during slaughter. Your meat is already cooked so I doubt you'll have much luck eliminating any gaminess that currently exists. You could try removing it from the bone and soaking in a water/vinegar mixture (4:1 ratio) in the fridge overnight (perhaps even 24 hours) then rinse before using in another dish. I'm curious how you're going to like the stock if the meat is as bad as you describe.

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      '"Gaminess" is most often the result of improper handling of the meat during slaughter.'

      Really? i had no idea. thanks for that piece of info. i'm always finding new stuff on here. well, to be fair, i'm very very sensitive to gamey tastes probably more so than most others. so if at all gamey then i'm out. yes, the stock is gamey too for cryin' out loud! woes me. i have bigger and better plans for the stock so i'm hoping the flavor would be masked by the other flavors with the stock...

    2. How about a curry? One that's made with coconut milk and some flavorful vegetables, throw it over some basmati rice, and you'll have plenty of savory flavors to mask the gaminess of the chicken.

      1. Since the meat is already cooked, how about curried chicken salad?

        I never had a chicken that I would consider gamey and like legs better that breasts in almost recipes. What can you compare the taste too? Rabit?

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          i can't compare it to other meats bc i don't eat rabbit or other game. call me chicken (haha!) but i'm not a big meat eater. i've never been that into meat so i'm not adventurous. i don't even eat duck or goose so i'm just all out when it comes to giving a comparison. i also don't like the texture and the veins. oh the veins!

        2. Marinate with lebanese seven spice powder, yoghurt, garlic and malt vinegar and crisp it up on the grill. I don't care for chicken thighs either but I eat them that way and don't notice.

          1. Make a chicken cacciatore, add the meat at the end. The tomato sauce will go well with the gaminess.