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May 23, 2012 05:36 PM

SKOKIE EASY and GOOD EATS (the fatter the better)

!'m a calgarian canadian and love beef!! I will be within the Skokie area during the first week of June and will have a single lunch and a single dinner time allowed on my full work sched while in skokie... where would be the very best place to have the best eat for 1 lunch and 1 dinner??

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  1. EJ's is an old-school steakhouse with a good selection (at steakhouse prices, so it's not cheap):

    1. Admittedly not beef but Bone Fish Grill is an excellent fish restaurant - it is a chain but I find the food to be excellent and consistent.

      Taboun Grill - is an Israeli place that has excellent schwarma as does Pita Inn

      For beef -in addition to EJs Steakhouse - there is the Charcoal Oven on Golf in Skokie or if you want to head east there is Pete Millers in Evanston -

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        Beefy lunches:

        Portillo's is also a chain, but you can get a good rendition of an Italian beef there.

        Excellent cheeseburgers at Poochie's or Herm's.

        Shish kabob at Pita Inn is another winner.

        Steak torta at Rick Bayless's Frontera Fresca inside Macy's at the Old Orchard Mall is worth the $9 price tag.

      2. For lunch, any beef-lover should head to the next town east, where Edzo's rules Evanston with the best burgers anywhere! You have your choice of burgers griddled ("smashed thin & crispy on the griddle") or char-style ("thicker, juicier, tell us how you want it cooked"). They offer three different kinds of artisanal ranch beef as well as their standard beef. And their milkshakes are ohmygod amazing too - the kind made in an old fashioned shake machine, and yes they give you the extra leftover in the can it's made in, all for $4. Ten (yes ten) kinds of fries too. They get busy at lunchtime, but the line moves fast (don't take a table until you've placed your order at the counter). They're not open for dinner, closed Mondays.