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Lockhart BBQ

Roatripping down to Lockhart this weekend for some good ole BBQ. What do y'all suggest? Kreuz? Blacks? Smittys?

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  1. In (my opinion) order of goodness.......

    #1 Smitty's. Brisket. Their beans are outta sight good, too!
    #2 Black's. Ribs.
    #3 Kreuz. Boneless prime rib.

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        If the OP hadn't specifically asked for BBQ in Lockhart, I also would have recommend Louie Mueller BBQ in Taylor.
        Their regular sausage (not jalapeno ) is the best anywhere.
        As is their melt in your mouth brisket and giant beef ribs.

        Note: Both of the pictures below were taken at Louie Mueller BBQ.

      2. Both are spot on...........

        1. My recommendation is a little from all three, of course!

          1. Definitely hit all three. Smitty's was my favorite of the group, but they all have something to offer. I remember Smitty's ribs being tremendous. And, of course, Kreuz has fantastic jalapeno sausage, though that might not be a huge draw since you can get that in Oak Cliff now.

            Have fun!

            1. Smitty's is my favorite. But might as well stop at all 3 and bring a cooler to bring some home, in case you fall into a meat coma before sampling all of them. Then go to Lockhart Smokehouse in Oak Cliff and see how close they're getting. Elgin (Southside Market, my favorite sausage) and Taylor are sorta on the way home to Dallas, at least that's what I tell my wife.

              1. My first time at Smitty's last week an it was a big D (disappointment). Brisket was chewy with not much smoke, or any other flavor. Even the ribs were chewy and not tender the way pork usually is. No sauce for the brisket but a sweet sop on the ribs. It was ok. I've eaten a lot of BBQ and this was definitely lacking.

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                1. Smitty's brisket rocks! The sausage snaps!

                  1. For any of the Lockhart places, is mid-day Saturday asking for a killer wait? Family might not be as dedicated as me if it involves a long line standing by the firebox.

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                      Mid-day Saturday and Sunday are indeed the busiest. However, waiting by the firebox is a non-issue at Kruez.
                      More so at Smitty's. Where the line will be for the most part, outside the (rear) entrance door. Remember to come through the rear door in the parking lot. And then once inside, only a short wait in the pit to order your food. Believe me, It will be worse waiting outside than inside if it's a hot weekend.
                      At both Smitty's and Kruez, the family can always buy the sides in the dining room and sit at one of the long communal tables while waiting for you. But, they can always peek inside the "pit".

                    2. I'd try all three if you have time. I've done Lockhart 3 or 4 times and each time, I have a different favorite. I chalk it up to the natural variation in product, smoke, temp and other issues. Stop at Black's first to pick up some silverware for the other two!

                      1. I've been to Black's and Kreuz. Hubby and I stopped at Blacks first. Total heaven. Next stop was Kreuz. Took two bites, put it in the trash and went back to Blacks for more... Texans living in Montreal Canada have no time to loose on less than the best!