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May 23, 2012 05:19 PM

The demise of good Italian in north Austin

I remember when I would make it a point to drive down from Georgetown with the Missus and we would dine ( I said dine) at Reale's Pizza and Cafe. Is it me or has this place also fallen victim to the "economy" or is it a victim of it's own success. I recall evenings when we went to Real'e and were greeted by either Gino or Bob. The last few times I have been there, nobody but the wait staff. I would get the Frutti-di mare, and the Misssus gets the giant Reale's with everything. Last shot, soggy crust no flavor. WTF. My home away from Rome. Not any more.

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  1. when was the last time you went?
    i only ever got pizza from them, and haven't for about...2 years?
    as a transplanted east coaster, i can't get over the pizza quality to cost ration here.

    1. bobby is there only a few times a week and i see gino there alot and food is stii consistent,every place has a off nite sometimes

      1. I have always seen Gino there the past five years and Bob has been there the last two or three trips. I've only had one bad experience in at Reale's (been going there about nine years) about five years ago. There was an awfully rude and unfriendly waitress who I only saw that one time and she was never seen again, and even then the food was still good.

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          Well, you know, I need to give them another shot. Been going there for 16 years so you're right nytex, every place can have an off night. Besides Gino and I were both in the Navy so we'll go back and give it another shot.

        2. Your original assessment is accurate IMHO.
          Reale's has declined in quality.

          We live about a 3 blocks from them and have been going there about once a month for years.
          I think Bob and the wife are semi-retired now and we have not seen the son in our last 5 visits.

          The breadsticks used to be addictively garlicy and now they are just slightly oily. (we complained to the manager about this but nothing has happened.).
          The scallops in the seafood alfredo used to be about the size of a quarter or larger - now they are the same number but only the size of a nickel.
          Their house dressing is irregular - sometimes good sometimes too bland and the salads are slightly smaller
          In the fried mozzarella appetizer the cheese is now so thin and mostly breading so we dont order it anymore.

          Dont get me wrong - we still go there.
          Overall the food/pizza in general is still pretty good.
          MUCH better than choices like Olive Garden or other national chains.
          The Antipasta and Bruschetta are still the best in town.
          But it aint CONSISTENTLY GREAT like it used to be when the old man and mom were there every night.
          And we will still go there with slightly lower expectations...

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            gino is there most afternnons and i think bobby comes in some afternoons and tues and fri night,food is good but not as good as it was when i first came here 8 yrs ago.i think another realtive manages it at night.