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Wine Recommendation 2002 Vintage

Hi all,
I am new to CHowhound, and had a question for you. My wife and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary next month, and I was looking for a wine from the year of our marriage. So, could you please recommend a great wine from 2002, that would be very drinkable this year. We are Red Wine lovers, so that would definitely be our preference. I found a thread on here from a few years back, but wanted a more up to date one.
I would prefer to spend less than $150 on the bottle, so please recommend something that you think is great bang for your buck in that price range.
Here are a few I found that received very good reviews from that Vintage, that fit the price range:

- http://www.madwine.com/710682/product...

- http://www.b-21.com/2002-Barossa-Vall...

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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  1. Any red wine preferences? I would say the Verite Muse from 2002 is a good pick based on what I know (I have personally not tried it). Though majority Merlot makes me question its age worthiness slightly. I wouldn't go with a shiraz, as its been 10 years since 2002, and I tend to be skeptical about how they turn out over time...

    Are you sure you wouldn't want to do Champagne? For example:

    Bordeaux varietals (cab, cab franc, maybe merlot) are probably your safest bet. 10 years is not quite enough time for Riojas or Brunellos. 2002 Burgandies, which would just be coming into their own around now, but not everyone likes Burgandies. . .

    A Burgandy that might work:

    CellarTracker is your friend! I would definitely use it and see what people are saying about your intended bottle in the last year.

    1. Great Champagne vintage. You can probably still find many in your price range.

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        We are not huge Champagne lovers, so I wouldn't want to spend that much money on it. Red Wine is definitely what we are looking for. As far as a specific preference: we really like most reds. So, I am trying to keep an open mind to the specific wine, and choose one based on recommendations and reviews.

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          Then next I'd look to Burgundy, which also did well in 2002. A Premier Cru from Mugneret-Gibourg (Chambolle-Musigny Les Feusselottes, or Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Chaignots) would be a great wine to have. Their Grand Cru Burgs would be out of your price range.

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            Yes agreed with the Burgandy, but only if you have had Burgandies and liked them before, this would not be the time to try a Burgandy for the first time...as for many it is an acquired taste...

      2. It somewhat depends on what you are planning to serve it with. Assuming it's beef, I'd probably go with a Bordeaux. A 2002 Leoville Las Casas, a Super Second, should be drinking great now and would probably run about $150 for a bottle (or at least that was the price the last time K&L Wines had it in stock). You may want to go to a good wine store and ask for their recommendations though because it's not always the easiest thing to hunt down an old vintage of a particular wine. K&L is one of the better wine stores in the country and I can see from their inventory online that they don't have this in stock now and only have one Bordeaux from 2002 that would fit your price range, and its not one that I'd feel comfortable recommending.

        1. I have also considered the 2002 Phelps Insignia (as mentioned in another thread). I have found a few places online that sell it for a tad more than my price range, but it gets great reviews.

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            It's a commonly available Bordeaux blend that receives great reviews. Ten years is often the perfect point to drink a Cali Cab assuming it was made well, and assuming you like primary fruit flavors instead of the earthy secondary flavors that will be revealed as another ten years come along.

            I would be very careful where you get this bottle from. 10 years is a long time, and wine is very sensitive to heat/poor storage conditions over time. Make sure you are going through a reputable place, and that there was some effort on the part of the vendor/site to ensure the bottle was stored properly, and will be shipped to you properly refrigerated (esp. this time of year). Exposed to one 80 degree plus day and the wine will very well taste cooked.

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              I agree with you. Some Cal-Cabs do need a bit more time, and some a bit less, but that is why I recommended the Diamond Creek wines. If a bit young (though should not be by THAT much), a few good swirls of the decanter, should bring them into line.


          2. I have had the '02 Diamond Creek, from the Gravelly Meadow and Red Rock Terrace, and with a decanting (actually, considering the age, more of a caraffing), both were very good. Have not had the Diamond Creek Volcanic Hill '02, but would think that it was similar.

            The per bottle price should be close, though I cannot recall what I paid at the winery, back when.

            I WOULD allow about 45 mins. in a decanter, and even give that a few good swirls.

            These are Cabernet Sauvignons, with some big, bold tastes - little "subtle" with Diamond Creek.

            Enjoy, and happy anniversary,


            1. another vote for 02 Burgundy. Superb, but not cheap.

              1. I took someone's suggestion and went to my local wine shop. He highly recommended a 2002 Arrowood Cab from Sonoma that he has. It is not the Reserve bottle. I checked Cellar Tracker and it gets very mixed reviews. Has anyone tried this bottle? I told him my price range, and he thought this bottle was an excellent value at $49.

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                  This cab is not in the same league as the wines you were looking at earlier, and based on some reviews, seems the fruit is disappearing. There's a reason this wine is a third the price of the wines you were looking at earlier. That's not to say it's a bad wine. But you moved from looking at the great wines of the vintage (e.g. Joseph Phelps) to good value wines.

                  It frankly puzzles me that he'd recommend this wine once knowing your preferences and budget. (unless you yourself decided you wanted to move away from great wines?)

                  You can find some deals by going with lesser known names. But a deal is say 20-30% less. If you are looking at a wine with this dramatic a price difference, one is also talking about a dramatic difference in wine quality.

                  What state are you in? Can you get wines shipped to you? Or go to a wine friendly state?

                  If you can get wines shipped, K & L has a few new options from 2002 back in stock (some examples):

                2. I told him my budget, and that I was willing to pay upwards of $150, and he still recommended that one. I found another wine shop that isn't too long of a drive (I am in San Diego), and they have a great collection of 2002 red wines. They have a wide price-range, but most coming in at around $100. Are there any on this list that someone would recommend?

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                    Holiday Wine Cellars has a good reputation. If you call ahead, and explain your purpose and why you are coming down. I'm sure they can have someone on hand with sufficient experience to give a good recommendation.

                    Well they have the Diamond Creeks Bill Hunt recommended up thread.

                    From what I can recognize, off the top of my head, Dominus and Rubicon are other ones to consider.

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                      I've not personally had them but in addition to the ones goldangl95 and Bill Hunt recommended, they have some of Rudd's wines which are highly regarded and in your price range.

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                        If Napa Cabs are what you're looking for, I'd check out the 2002 Trefethen Cab, and 2002 Chimney Rock -- either their Cab or their Elevage (Cab Merlot blend). both are magnificent!

                      2. If you can find it, and like Cabernet, I'd recommend you look for a 2002 Match Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Butterdragon Hill. They are around (and no, I won't sell you one from my cellar) and they are excellent. In fact you could try contacting Match through their website to see if they have any in their library for sale. I love them and Wine Spectator gave it 94 points in its recent 2002 retrospective.

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                          I knew your handle looked familiar dinwiddie. Food and wine go hand in hand so it shouldn't be much of a surprise.