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Where to find gluten, soy, canola oil, peanut, egg, cow dairy, corn free breakfast in San Diego?

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Does anyone know where to get a gluten, soy, cow dairy, canola oil, peanut, egg and corn free breakfast in San Diego. Allergies!!! Thanks Much!

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  1. Casa De Luz in North Park will be the best bet for that, though I don't know if they do breakfast daily.

    People's Co-Op would probably have stuff for you to eat, too, but they do sometimes have a decent amount of soy in their breakfast options.

    1. I'm curious: other than cooking for yourself, where on earth do you find to eat? That's a really restrictive list. I see greens sauteed in olive oil, and legumes, but not typical breakfast foods. Mexican could work -- rice, beans, veg in a bowl. Good luck.

      1. Foul mudammas/Ful medames, a Middle Eastern breakfast of fava beans, lemon, garlic and spices, sold at the in store Mediterranean Restaurant Valley Foods in El Cajon (ask for no bread), should fit your request. Garden Fresh Grill and Smoothie near SDSU used to serve it, but stopped doing breakfast as far as I know.

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