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May 23, 2012 03:45 PM

Wildwood/Cape May Questions

Will be in the Wildwood/Cape May area in early June and have 3 lunches and 1 dinner to plan. Open to all cuisines (except Italian) and price points. Bonus points for things that I can't get in NYC (eg. waterfront dining, good Cajun/Creole). This is my tentative itinerary:

Lunch 1 -- Maui Dogs -- should probably say that I'm generally not a fan of hot dogs. But the place looks cute and there's other stuff on the menu.

Lunch 2 -- Raw Bar at Lobster House

Lunch 3 -- Mad Batter or Freda's -- which is more interesting with better executed food? I wish I could find a lunch menu for Freda's online

Dinner -- Washington Inn or 410 Bank Street or Peter Shields -- any thoughts?

I'll be driving back to Brooklyn and hoping to stop by the Bar Room @ Nicholas in Red Bank for dinner. Open to all other suggestions.


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  1. no matter what other people say I love Uries in wildwood- it's right on the water with outside seating, great seafood including all you can eat crabs

    1. Instead of lunch at Lobster House I strongly recommend cocktails and snacks on the boat. I like Washington Inn more than 410 or Peter Shields. Mad Batter is a lovely location, as long as you have porch seating. More of a brunch place than lunch...

      1. Chicken gyro at Harry's Corner on the Wildwood Boardwalk. Best. Gyro. Ever.

        1. 410 Bank Street is the most over-rated restaurant in Cape May....go with Washington Inn for Dinner and The mad Batter for a late Breakfast.....never had their lunch.

          1. We are going to Cape May this weekend. We are retrying Frescos after a 20 year hiatus, then Peter Shields. I am sure we will hit the Mad Batter for breakfast.

            I heard about Pacific Grill, a new restaurant by Union Park. Anyone been there? We have one night unbooked. If not, then Wash. Inn.
            I know 410 owns Frescos, but we have been underwhelmed by 410 in past.