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May 23, 2012 03:12 PM

Favorite Restaurant Facebook page

I'm working with a student on a social media project. I'm trying to direct her to businesses that do a great job marketing and identifying themselves on Facebook. Anyone know of any restaurants that do a good ob?


Sorry the question is sort of offbeat.

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  1. I have to admit that I am a fan of many, many pages on Facebook, I am one of those people who finds the Facebook page of everything I have even a mild interest in to serve as a reminder of those places/events/etc. for the future. For example, I have even "liked" the pages of restaurants that I have never been too, but would like to go to one day. Facebook serves as a bit of a filing system for me. Surely a sign of a restaurant "that does a good job" on FB, is one that I didn't have to think twice about before answering your question. Osteria Morini in NYC has a page that at least twice a week makes me say, "Oh, I really, really must get there" or "I really wish I was there right now!".

    1. I'm based in Cambridge MA. So they ones that I follow and enjoy are Trinas Starlight Lounge, Tupelo and Lord Hobo. I like that they are consistent with posting daily specials and events.bthey also don't overdo the cutesy banter. Not a restaurant, but I also enjoy New Deal (a fish market) because they post when seasonal seafood is avaliable and also recipes. I stopped following two because one consistently posts only in a foreign language that I don't know and the other because off all the cutesy banter.

      1. There is a restaurant in my town that is getting ready to open next month. They have been prolific posting on Facebook, with details of their construction and other things involved in opening the restaurant.

        It might be fun for your student friend to follow them over the next month up to opening.!/TheSurfSpot

        1. Haven Gastropub in Orange CA. They also have a restaurant in Pasedena.