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May 23, 2012 02:44 PM

Curious about Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa area

You have never steered me wrong in all my visits to San Francisco so I'll bother you one more time. This time I'm heading up 101 to ultimately end up in Healdsburg for a wedding, but before that I have one evening in Rohnert Park and one in Santa Rosa. I have the wine tastings all set, but I'd like any suggestions you might have for dinner in the Rohnert Park area. I thought we'd eat at Johnny Garlic's in Santa Rosa the second night because I am a major Diners Drive-Ins and Dives fan, but I would listen to reason if something good is close by. Thanks as always.

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  1. Believe it or not, Rohnert Park has excellent sushi at Hana inside the Double Tree.

    Johnny Garlic's is quite mediocre. You have been fairly warned. You can however run into Guy on occasion at Pho Vietnam. He'll be the one with his name studded on the back of his leather jacket...

    1. Johnny Garlic's? Wow you do need suggestions.

      In Santa Rosa - Willi's Wine Bar, Rosso Pizzeria, Zazu, Bistro 29, Bruno's on Fourth are all better options.

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        +1 for Zazu......would be my choice. The advice you are getting about Johnny Garlic's is good advice, you would be wasting your time. Maybe a lunch there. Willi's is also good, Rosso good for pizza. Have fun.

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          Rosso Pizzeria + Mozzarella Bar, an offshoot of the Santa Rosa original, has opened in Petaluma, just down the road from Rohnert Park. Here's my opening day report,

          Shangri-La Grill, a Nepalese restaurant in Rohnert Park is quite good. It's been a while since I've been there myself, but there are more recent reports that are still favorable.

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            Ditto Zazu and Willi's. Two of my faves! Willi's is our hands down favorite in SR.

          2. Between Santa Rosa and Healdsburg on 101 is the town of Windsor. I can highly recommend 4 very good restaurants there. Have been to each several times without disappointment. All are 1 minute off 101.
            Tomi Thai
            Himalayan Restaurant
            Chinois Asian Bistro
            Ume Japanese Bistro

            Like others have said, avoid Johnny Garlic's.

            1. Betty's Fish and Chips on Highway 12 is more of a neighborhood joint than a high end place, but has delicious fish and chips and great pie. It does close early some nights so you would want to double check hours. I also second Scott M's suggestion of Rosso's.

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                Mel's Fish & Chips is better than Betty's, IMHO. And, in this case, more convenient. Since it's on Hopper, it's pretty easy on & off from the 101. Not as much ambiance as Betty's, but a mom n pop place with very tasty fish and chip Mel's (707) 578-1954.