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May 23, 2012 02:33 PM

Lunch near Tate modern? [London]

Looking for some fantastic British fare near the Tate modern or an easy tube ride away. Thanks!

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  1. A ten minute stroll east along the river gets you to Borough Market where there are plenty of choices. I like Applebees or Wright Brothers (gets very busy) for fish . A place called Roast is also good. Some non British options too. BM places tend to be fairly expensive though.

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      Elliot's is also very good at Borough Market.

      Or a bit closer to the Tate, the Swan at the Globe has a great restaurant, with 'British tapas' in the bar or a brasserie upstairs, with amazing views over the river.

    2. I quite like the Anchor and Hope, on the Cut a short walk from the Tate Modern for good quality gastropub fare. It's not a bargain, but solid value for what you get in my view.

      1. The restaurant at the top of the Tate is worth a try ... bit pretentious, but views stunning.

        1. A walk across the Millennium Bridge and up Queen Victoria Street will take you to Sweeting's fish restaurant - open only at lunchtime and as British as it gets. Not inexpensive: see menu here