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May 23, 2012 02:15 PM

East Bay (Fremont)


I'm considering buying a home in Fremont based on a size/price/quality/location basis.

The new complex I'm looking at is on the very edge of the Irvington area...

Anyway, my point in mentioning this is that my partner and myself like to eat out a lot. What does this area look like in terms of decent places to eat? How many decent options are there within 10 miles or so of this area? (and 15, 20, and 25 miles)

I've been looking at yelp and am having some issues getting a decent picture of the dining in the area.

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  1. Define "decent"!

    I'm not aware of a lot of "western" dining options in and around Fremont -- my impression is that it's mostly suburban-style chains. There are lots of Chinese (and other Asian), Indian/Pakistani and Afghan options.

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      If there are pretty good Asian(Does this include Hibachi/Teppenyaki, Chinese, Thai?) and Indian restaurants that is a start.

      What about Italian, Steakhouse, BBQ, burgers, etc? How far would I need to travel to find some good options?

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        if you like grilled meats Fremont has very good Afghani places -- the area has one of the largest emigres/second generation populations in the U.S. Their seasonings are milder than their neighbors Pakistan/N.India, more similar to their eastside cousins' foods in Iran. for plainer, more mainstream foods you might have better luck in Hayward or San Leandro if you don't care to go farther north.

    2. Perhaps your realtor or the selling agent would be about to assist you? Especially if the seller's agent wants to collect a commission.

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        Not using a Realtor, we are looking at new homes only. I was hoping there might be some useful information here :)

      2. Some friends of mine lived near there for a year. There's great Indian and Chinese food in various regional styles, which reflects the demographics of the city. (Their kids were the only ones in their classes who weren't Indian or Chinese.) There's not much else of culinary interest.

        Paradiso in San Leandro is decent Italian, though if you were going to go that far you might as well go another ten minutes to Oakland.

        1. I lived in Newark (adjacent to Fremont) for about 2.5 years. My main complaint upon leaving was the lack of good AND reasonably priced ethnic cuisine where I ended up. As others have mentioned below, your best bet in the Fremont/Newark/Union City/Milpitas area is ethnic food--particularly Indian/Pakistani and Chinese. Union City (next city north of Fremont) is also a hotbed for Filipino cuisine.

          If your distance tolerance is 25 miles or less, the possibilities are almost endless! That pretty much opens up anything as far south as San Jose and as far north as Oakland, although the main thoroughfare along the east shore of SF Bay--Interstate 880--has the nickname "Nasty Nimitz". You can draw your own conclusions as to how it got that moniker.

          1. I live in Union City, and as others have mentioned, ethnic food is especially good in the tri-cities (Union City, Newark, Fremont) area, particularly Asian, South Asian, and Afghan. The plaza near my house has 4 different chinese restaurants (Dim Sum/Cantonese, Mongolian hot pot, "Northern Chinese", and a stinky tofu place). In the same complex there's also a southeast-asian (malaysian/thai) restaurant, a sushi place, and a new shabu-shabu place just opened up. There's plenty of great Indian restaurants (probably just as good if not better than Sunnyvale), and Filipino restaurants (second only to Daly City). I've had great kebabs, whether they be Afghan kebabs or Turkish kebabs, and decent sushi. There's even a couple halfway decent ramen places (nothing that you'd travel a long way for, but good enough for a neighborhood place).

            Sadly, this area doesn't do as well with Western/European cuisines. I am yet to find a good French or Italian restaurant, and most American restaurants are chains. For those I go across the bay to Palo Alto, up north to Berkeley, and to SF (which is only a BART ride away).

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            1. re: arlenemae

              Yea, I have noticed this. I am now looking a bit more in the Mountain View area. It is a bit more expensive, but seems to have much more diverse dining options and is a lot prettier :)