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May 23, 2012 02:11 PM

Where to buy corn on the cob in May?

I'm having a crawfish boil this weekend and I need some decent corn on the cob. Where's a good spot? Preferably inexpensive.... Or maybe frozen is better this time of year.

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  1. Fresh corn on the cob at this time of year here is most probably from Florida. Wegmans near our house in NJ had a shipment a few days ago. 4 for $1. I bought two for dinner that evening. They were pretty good -- much better than I expected. But not as sweet as Jersey corn fresh from the fields. You might try checking Whole Foods of Fairway to see if they have any.

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      Thanks RGR - Whole Foods is looking like the winner - 5 ears for $2 from Georgia. Bicolor. Looks decent.
      Garden of Eden - 2 ears for $2 from California. Yellow, large kernels. Looks decent.
      Morton Williams - 4 ears for $2. Yellow large kernels don't look tender. Packaged in plastic.

      1. re: chowchau

        Did you try the Whole Foods corn already? I am by no means a stickler for eating locally, but I rarely buy corn out of season simply because it doesn't taste terribly good after a few days of shipping and waiting around.

        1. re: JungMann

          Yeah. The sugars converts to starch as soon as you pick it -- you're supposed to eat it within 3 days of being picked (but growers claim that sugar-enhanced hybrids can last up to two weeks).

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            The WFs corn was fantastic. I was impressed. I boiled it with crab boil and everyone loved it.

      2. I've had some good batches the last few weeks from Turcos in Yorktown.Apologies, just noticed this was on the Manhattan board...apologies

          1. The corn we had yesterday from the Fairway in Stamford, CT was excellent. I have no idea where they get it, though I would guess you will find the same corn at the NYC Fairways.