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May 23, 2012 02:02 PM

Restaurants in Evanston


I'm here in Evanston for a week, and would line to know where where all the good restaurants are. I'm interested in a wide range, ethnic, American, cheap, expensive, etc. Send me your favorite breakfast, lunch or dinner restaurants.


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  1. there are many good choices in Evanston:

    Lulu's Dim Sum ( and Joy Yee's ( for a pan asian
    Thai Sookdee * or Siam Splendour ( for Thai
    Lou Malnati's ( or Giordano's ( for Chicago style deep dish pizza
    Dixie Kitchen ( and Blind Faith ( for breakfast
    Oceanique ( and Chef's Station ( for a little higher end dining

    Other options but will resuire a car include Walker Brothers in Wilmette a breakfast institution in Wilmette, Bonefish Grill in Skokie yes it is a chain but it is excellent seafood

    1. Some of the very best fried chicken in Illinois is at the Evanston Chicken Shack. Call ahead, as the food is cooked to order.

      Edzo's is a first-rate hamburger joint. Great shakes, too.

      +1 for Joy Yee.

      On the fine dining, high-end side, Quince is quite good.

      Also consider trekking to the north side of Chicago for Great Lake pizza and Big Jones southern food.

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          Nsxtasy's link reminded me that I left out my own favorite lunch place in Evanston, Al's Deli. Great soup and sandwich place, plus huge yummy cookies.

        2. If you can handle a short drive to Skokie I highly recommend dinner at Libertad restaurant at 7931 N. Lincoln Ave., Skokie. It is "Nuevo Latino" and the food is consistently great. Caveat since Chicago Magazine listed it recently as one of the 20 best new Chicago area restaurants it is even harder to get into but very much worth it.

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            Libertad is a favorite of ours and takes reservations on OpenTable. They aren't terribly hard to get, but you need 3-4 days notice. If you are dining solo and comfortable with bar seating, you can probably walk in Tuesday-Thursday without a problem.

            1. re: ferret

              Of course you are right in the sense that it isn't "Girl & The Goat" or "Next" or "Alinea" hard tp get into but it is such a reasonably priced, casual place that serves really good food that I don't think about going until the minute I am in the neighborhood and I want to be there. I have had to revise my thinking and plan accordingly. I live near north so it is only a place I go to when I am visiting my Evanston friends bu I really like it.

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                If you find yourself going to Libertad on the spur of the moment and they're too crowded, there are good alternatives nearby that you might want to check. Yolo is a block and a half north of Libertad and serves very good, creative Mexican cuisine, and it's BYOB; however it's small, so you may or may not find them full. (They do accept reservations over the phone.) Kabul House is two blocks east of Libertad and serves very good Afghan cuisine.

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                  Thanks all for all the great recommendations. Our two favorites restaurants turned out to be the Dixie Kitchen and Blind Faith Cafe. Turned out we ended up eating in many areas outside Evanston. Downtown we really liked The Purple Pig, right on Michigan Ave., and also Mary's Burgers in Andersonville. Also visited The Wormhole in Wicker Park for good espresso. Thanks again, Toni