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May 23, 2012 01:47 PM

The various Schat's bakerys

I visited the newest bakery in El Segundo. An employee told me that the one there, while not a franchise, is on good terms with the original Bishop location. They also mentioned, and I recall reading/hearing in the past somewhere about it, that there's some squabbling between Bishop and the ones in Ukiah and Mammoth. Can anyone confirm that and have the reasoning behind it? I'm aware that the other offshoots could very well be saying the same thing, so I'm not necessarily of the belief that El Segundo is actually on better terms than the other two.

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  1. IMHO Schat's Bakeries (anywhere) are the most over-rated waste of money ever devised in the culinary world. Perfectly awful products; and so many of them. Who was it that said you can never lose money over-estimating poor taste in America? My guess is it was someone whose last name was Schat.

    1. Thanks for mentioning Schat's. I've never tried the Bishop or SoCal ones but have been a fan of Schat's in Mendocino County. Recently, a friend was passing through and I asked her to pick up a couple loaves for me at the Ukiah store. A quick check of the webite, , turned up a new location in Friedman Brothers that's stays open later till the others in town do.

      Schat's (at least the ones in Ukiah, Mendocino County) use organic flours. I like the breads, haven't been a fan of the other baked goods.

      How were the goods in El Segundo?

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        I only had the cheese bread (that was my most necessary fix-- I had other food fixes to attend to that weekend in L.A. and flew down with only a carry-on bag to bring supplies back with me). The cheese was the same. The employee warned that the bread would taste a little different due to the different water used in Bishop. It would be nice to A/B it, but it tasted close enough to Bishop's quality to be satiated. The pastries didn't look too appetizing though, and the selection of those and other baked goods seemed rather small compared to Bishop.

        There's a chance I might be driving back to L.A. in about a month, and the quickest route takes me right through Bishop. If that happens, I'll speak to the cashier or someone who appears to be in charge. Hopefully they'll be honest with me when I do ask about the other stores.

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          The link in my post above has this text:
          "Today members of the Schat’s Family continue to bake in Holland, Bishop, CA & Carson City, NV. Armed with the talents of a master baker and a do or die attitude, Jack Sr. made the name ‘Schat's synonymous with delicious baked goods. As popularity of the bakery grew throughout Southern California, the Family responded by building a 35,000 sq ft. wholesale bakery. Soon they were filling the shelves of Safeway, Vons, Boys, Certified and Albertsons Markets with over 35,000 loaves per day. Today the Schats continue to bake in Holland and Bishop.

          In 1991 the son’s of Jack Schat Jr., Brian & Zachary, had a goal of starting a neighborhood bakery in Ukiah. Now over Twenty years later Schat’s in Ukiah consists of three locations plus nearly 50 full and part time employees. Zach and the dedicated staff of Schat’s are committed to providing their customers with the same quality and freshness that have been the hallmark of Schat’s Baking for over 100 years."

          I've only had the baked goods directly from the Ukiah bakeries, and for a brief time when there was a branch in Cloverdale. Wondering if glbtrtr's visceral reaction is from tasting the product of the wholesale operation.

          1. re: nakni

            @MW: "I've only had the baked goods directly from the Ukiah bakeries, and for a brief time when there was a branch in Cloverdale. Wondering if glbtrtr's visceral reaction is from tasting the product of the wholesale operation."

            Very good point. I wouldn't expect the same quality of bread when obtaining it via the supermarket supply chain. Witness La Brea breads, Noah's bagels, etc. Oddly, San Luis Sourdough is a possible exception ....

            I have eaten their bread many times at the Ukiah location. Like their breakfast and lunch offerings, it is better than average but I wouldn't make a special trip for it.

            1. re: DiveFan

              I haven't had a sandwich from Schat's since the bakery in Cloverdale closed six years ago.

              The signature bread was called Shepherders or something like that. It was already sold out so my friend couldn't bring any to me this last opportunity. I did find the two loaves we got a little on the dry side, but had chalked it up to buying at the end of the day.

              1. re: DiveFan

                I stopped several times at the Highway 395 location on my way to go skiing at Mammonth. Drawn naturally to its homey style buildings thinking surely something this unique in this odds of a location has to be good. I kept trying. Honestly I did. And even returned several decades later with the same results. Its popularity shows my one vote counts for nothing.

                So it was a reasoned opinion and a fair one by my own experience and history. But it apparently remains a sole opinion. I would never waste my time or money there again. Granted, it does have cute buildings and one wishes it would be better, though little up that way is food wise. To me baking a wad of jack cheese in the middle of a loaf of inferior bread was not my idea of grrr-may when the sum does not equal more than its individual parts.

          2. I am a Schat. My dad owned the ES bakery. The owner of the Bishop one is the exhusband of the owner of the Mammoth one. She got it in the divorce. Erick,my dad's uncle, the owner of the Bishop bakery isn't really on good terms with anyone because for some reason he seems to think he can be the only one using the Schat name. He has sued the Ukiah bakery for using the Schat name but didn't win becuase its his last name too. Erick is a crazy dutch man. He almost tried to do the same to us but he backed off. So yeah we are all on good terms but Erick continues to test everyone in our family.

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              I grew up with the Bishop Schat family. Marion was a classmate, Eric and Dan ahead of me in High School. I rember when they moved to Bishop. Jack Sr,Momma Schat, and the three kids all worked at the in Bishop, wonder by Seiber Keough who I was told had the original Sheepheader bread recipe. The family worked very hard, kids worked before and after school. Not sure how many years it took but the finally bought out Seiber and Ran at least one of the bakeries. The building the Bishop bakery is in was the former location of Wiltsies. I remember Dan's then wife worked there, and worked hard as all the Schats did. They started expanding perhaps too fast. I know somehow Eric ran the Bishop store, when I last saw him 20 yes ago, it was like seeing his Dad when the family moved to Bishop. He still remembered me from school. I have no idea about him beinga crazy Dutch man, but I know he has a brilliant mind, good head for business, and has a quality product. I still love their bakery products. I am also grateful to Eric and the family for the business and fame they bring to Bishop. Carry on Schat family, and Eric if you read this, thanks for all you've done I know your folks are so proud of you. Hugs Pat