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May 23, 2012 01:13 PM

Is Luscious Dumpling moving or expanding?

The website for the Mon-Arc mini-mall on the Monrovia-Arcadia border lists Luscious Dumpling as having signed a lease there. Does anyone know if this is related to Luscious Dumpling in San Gabriel?

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  1. After 3 or 4 they do feel as though they're expanding. And moving, but slowly.

    1. If it isn't, somebody is in for a big lawsuit. Also it looks like the developer is dealing with established tenants.

      1. Wow I rarely drive into Monrovia so I did not notice there will be a Hong Kong supermarket.

        +1 for Luscious Dumpling, hopefully it will be bigger and take credit card! Very excited.

        -1 for HK Supermarket, among the Chinese chains dislike them the most.

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        1. re: Johnny L

          > hopefully it will be bigger and take credit card

          And not run out of everything except tea by 7pm.

          And not use half of the cramped dining room as a storeroom.

          I used to love Luscious Dumplings, but on recent visits I've felt more like a "mark" than a customer.

          1. re: Peripatetic

            Yup - what you said. They must be the envy of many other businesses for their customers to be willing to put up with this. Unfortunately, I occasionally put up with this because of those pan-fried pork dumplings...

            1. re: Peripatetic

              LOL so on the mark here! I stopped going more recently because they close so early and if you get in as the last table expect half of the stuff to be gone.

              Although I don't hate on them for that I see it as a sign of quality in some ways but it is still frustrating when 2 of your favorite things are out. As long as they keep the same quality I'm all for it.

              1. re: Johnny L

                The quality is still very good. I just feel they are being contemptuous of their customers. Father's Office doesn't provide ketchup? Fine. Handsome Coffee Roasters doesn't think you should use sugar? I can live with that. But I really don't like being sat at at a table wedged next to cases and cases of produce and then being told all the things I can't have because they didn't make enough of it for fear of having a single dumpling left over at the end of the evening.

                1. re: Peripatetic

                  Just read this 8 months later and had to sign up just to reply. Contemptuous? Seriously? They're a mom & pop restaurant and run it as such. They make good food and run a popular restaurant. If you don't like it, if you need more "ambience" in your San Gabriel chinese food then I encourage you to go somewhere else.

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