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May 23, 2012 01:04 PM

High end dinner for executives

As you may guess, Senior executives have pretty much been to the top restaurants throughout Toronto. I, of course, would like to do something very different.

I have 8 people in the party. I'm looking at something under $200 per person. Downtown and preferably on the East side of Yonge (i know but it is what it is).

Some ideas to date: tasting menu's at some of the top restos, underground dinner clubs private events, etc.

Has anyone had a memorable dining experience that was a little outside of the typical fancy dinner? Let's keep the answers clean ;)

Thanks team!

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  1. What about George? In my experience it is often overlooked due to its location (outide the core).

    Origin can be fun/different and I have entertained there often with success, but I don't know if it is "high end enough" Same chef owner, but higher end is Colborne Lane (though I have not been in quite some time).

    1. Completely in a different vain BUT what about approaching Star Fish to do an oyster and champagne tasting and then into a three course pre-fix, Not at all white table clothes but the back room there is lovely and the food is always good quality and for $200 pp you should get a very good meal.

      I love George so if you're looking for something more traditional that would be my recommendation.

      1. George or Colborne Lane would have been my first thoughts as well.

        There's also Lucien which is definitely on the higher end of things, as well as Swish by Han (although some mixed reviews on this board).

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          Has anyone been to Lucien lately? I walk by on a Saturday night around 9pm a couple of weeks ago and the wait staff was sitting around because the place was empty.

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            Can't figure it out - I've never had a bad meal at Lucien - in fact, it's one of my 'go to' spots when I'm taking clients out. If you've loved it before, GO BACK - you'll be pleased.

            1. re: T.O. Diner

              Umm, this thread was from a year ago :)

              1. re: ylsf

                I know, but I figured if someone just searched on the resto name and saw that they may be discouraged from going :-)

        2. Great suggestions! If it was up to me I'd hit StarFish buut I'm not sure of any food issues. So I may save that idea for a personal party - THANKS..

          I think we're all on the same page with George and Colbourne lane.. Also thinking Trevor.. tasting menu and private room..

          Rice table at Quince would be awesome too but not close..

          Thanks all!

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          1. re: plrbr

            Nooooo to Trevor. Really not even close to the experience you would have at George or Colborne Lane. :-)

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              Just west of Yonge is Barberians - the only reason I am suggesting it is because you can dine in the two storey high wine cellar which is one of the best rooms for a single table event. Food is good too, but classic steakhousey.

          2. So many fellow chowhounders recommending Colborne Lane!!!!! Has anyone been RECENTLY to confirm current 'food status??
            Reason I asked is that I heard from a number of non-chowhound foodie friends the food has really gone down hill!! Even Toronto Life has lowered its rating to only 1.5 stars!! ( my last meal there last year, the rating was still 3.0 or 3.5 stars!! )

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            1. re: Charles Yu

              Scaramouche or Mistura would be good options in addition to George. TOCA?

              1. re: Charles Yu

                seafood is tricky for 8, but surely Starfish can have something for the inevitable "allergic" person. If you think your crew could agree on japanese, the private tatami rooms with knee well at the back of Kirei (Church and Adelaide) are perfect for 8 if the 8 don't need an audience to feel festive, and the food is very good even though it is a Korean-run Japanese restaurant. If you partly fix a menu in advance, pending whatever is market-special that day, I'm sure they can do a great job. Ask to include the chawan-mushi(special order only) and let them suggest a menu.

                Colborne Lane only works if you have no interest in talking to each other. You cannot hear yourselves in there, regardless of food quality.

                1. re: KAYLO

                  Colborne Lane has a private room off the kitchen in the basement. Chef's tasting menu only. But I think it's only meant for 6 people.