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May 23, 2012 12:30 PM

LES bakeries?

Looking for cookies, macarons, cupcakes and the like. I've heard of Sugar Sweet Sunshine but would appreciate any other recs. Thanks!

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  1. Doughnut Plant for donuts (obviously), Babycakes for vegan, gluten free, or otherwise health conscious treats, Bisous Ciao for amazing macarons, Christian Vautier Le Concept for exotic truffles (very new- just opened on Broome and Orchard next to Babycakes)

    1. Do you count the East Village as part of the Lower East Side? If you do, there's a branch of Financier on Astor Place which makes quite good macarons.

      I like the cupcakes at Spot on St Marks Place. Excellent cookies there, too.

      1. Thanks Pan and HealthyPantz. We ended up at Laboratorio del Gelato last night but will keep your suggestions in mind! Have either of you tried Dessert Truck on Clinton Street?

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          I've stopped into Desset Truck while waiting for a table at Clinton St. Baking Co at brunch. Can't attest to the desserts, but the cappuccino was great.

          1. re: Riverman500

            No. Is it the same dessert truck that used to hang out on St. Marks Place and 3rd? I did have some of their desserts, and they were pretty good.

            1. re: Pan

              yes, they have a brick and motar shop. Babycakes is pretty good, despite their vegan, gluten free and whatever they dont have in their bakery stuff. Kossays and Moishes(if you catch them when they are open) for Jewish treats.

              macarons you got bisous caio on stanton.

              Also on saturdays you got Hester street which has a lot of sweet stuff.

              1. re: Pan

                Dessert Truck's brioche donut squares filled with nutella are fantastic. The banana pudding at SSS is also great.

                Still working my way through the recs here...