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May 23, 2012 11:04 AM

Como en Casa - New Mexican Joint on Yonge

There's a new Mexican joint at 565 Yonge Street called Como en Casa. Just wondering if anyone's been and what the verdict is. When I passed, it seemed fairly busy. It features "authentic Mexican stews", brochetas, in addition to burritos, tacos, etc.

Here's the Facebook page:

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  1. Ok, I'll just go ahead and answer my own question...

    Went today at lunch. The place is nice and clean. They claim to be about "fresh" and "authentic" Mexican food. Everything was certainly fresh and nice looking -- I can't speak to authenticity (though they don't put cheese on their tacos or burritos).

    The guac was really good and they make their own chips on site, which is always nice. The pork burrito I tried was certainly filling and looked nice, but came off as bland. They had dessert empanadas for dessert which were incredible.

    I'll be interested to know how this place fares. I think it definitely has potential.

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      I just went on their facebook page and their prices seem really reasonable. What are their portion sizes like, and where on Yonge are they located?

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        Just north of Wellesley, east side. I tried a beef stew and the pork stew, but very good maybe pork a bit better. The staff was very friendly, it's a nice spot.
        Here's the menu:

    2. I picked up some empanadas as an appetizer for dinner tonight. One beef and once cheese. They provided a different salsa for each one. Both were really good, great flavours and a nice kick with the heat. Will definitely go back to check out other stuff on the menu.

      The place feels sort of like something that should be in Kensington Market. The staff was also really excited to talk about their food which was nice.

      1. Just saw mention of this place in the horchata thread. Looks quite decent. Any recent comments? I'm especially interested in the tamales.
        The fb page is worth checking out, they post daily specials... am tempted to take the subway there for lunch, chipotle meatballs and 3 leches!

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          I picked up some desserts here last week (had already eaten dinner then happened to be walking by). They were decent, but nothing amazing (use of cake mix and some bad chocolate drizzle did not help). My favourite was the dulce the leche empanada, a nice little treat. The horchata was OK.
          The place is quite small and casual, a lot of take out customers are in and out. So it wouldn't be my first choice for a social dinner out, more of a fuel stop. The people were really nice, obviously take pride in what they are doing and they seem to have a small but steady business of regulars. I hope to try the mains someday, but I don't think I'd go out of my way for this place, it's more of a local's spot.

        2. A friend lives by the area, I just walked by for the first time on the weekend and she said it was really good. I trust her opinion on food so I will be back to check it out.

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