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Interesting Restaurants Around Legacy Place in Dedham? (It seems to be all chains...)

So, my favorite movie theater is the Showcase in Dedham's Legacy Place shopping center. I love going out there, but we always wind up eating at one of the chains because that shopping center, and the outlying malls are ENTIRELY comprised of chains. Now, I don't mind a chain if the food is tasty - Legal C Bar actually isn't too bad and the Aquitaine is passable, but the rest is appalling stuff like Qdoba, BGood, etc.

I don't know the area well yet. Is there anything in Legacy Place's surrounding neighborhoods that is actually food? Like I said, it's okay if it's a chain, but we're tired of our standards and looking for something new.

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  1. I would suggest Siam Lotus on Rte 1. My wife and I dine there regularly and have always enjoyed it. The service is always good and the food is quite authentic.

    1. I'm a sucker for eating at the movies and bringing in takeout. Saab's market and ZamZam are on Rout 1 in Norwood for schwarma and Pakistani grilled meats respectively. Delicious, very inexpensive and it will drive your fellow patrons crazy with envy.

      1. Isabella's in Dedham Center [continental], Bamboo on Rt. 1 in Dedham [chinese], Bon Caldo on Rt. 1 in Norwood [italian] and Sofia on Rt. 1 West Roxbury [italian/steakhouse] are all good restaurants.

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        1. Met Bar isn't so bad, right there in Legacy Place (yes, it's a chain of 4 locations).

          Isabella's in Dedham Center is usually quite good.

          1. Tasos in Norwood (Greek/American food) is just down the road next to the Norwood airport (~5 min drive). Hiddenboston recommended it to us and we had lunch there last weekend. It's a great find and beware that portions are huge. Really liked the spanakopita & dolmas.

              1. Kouzina Estiatorio in Dedham Center is a small, family operated Greek place with good food. It's right across the street from the big public parking lot off Rt. 1.

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                  Last winter I posted asking about places in Norwood (maybe 3 or 4 miles from Legacy Place). Many people liked Lewis'. We all tried various kinds of steak tips. Everyone was happy. Onion rings very good too. We had some type of appetizer with a marinara sauce that was well received. All in all I would say check it out.

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                    If I were going to Norwood, I would also consider Byblos. It's higher quality Lebanese than Al-Wadi. Decor is somewhat over the top because it has a function room that connects directly to the main dining room. But the food has had much more soul.

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                      A few blocks from Lewis' is Conrads which also features tips of all kinds. A little 60's mood here, but sturdy food.

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                      Kouzina Estiatorio are masters of any lamb related, and the burgers are quite good as well.

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                        KE in Dedham Center also has awesome gyros and is right across from the Dedham Community Theatre, which is an excellent independent movie house. They even have beer and wine!

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                          I agree with the Kouzina Estiatorio rec, it's a no frills place that doesn't make for a fancy night out, but the food is delicious. It's my go-to in Dedham.

                      2. Center Deli/Deli After Dark in Dedham Square has great sandwiches and pizza at night. I like the chicken parm there. 99 beers on the wall, too.

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                          Totally agree. Great vibe there. Only open Wed.-Sat. closing kitchen at 10.

                        2. Bamboo has a great Asian food lunch buffet for 7.95-it's across the highway in the Holiday Inn parking lot

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                            Bamboo also has sushi as part of the buffet.

                            1. I dig West on Centre, little drive depending on where you live in relation to the theatre. Haven't been in a while though so I can't speak for very recent trips..

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                                A few hundred feet further is Porter Cafe. Fish Taco appetizer is incredible.