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May 23, 2012 09:58 AM

Hartford - Quick Weekend Breakfast Suggestions

I'm looking for a quick and delicious breakfast place within 20 mins of downtown Hartford. I'm open to diners, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, local specialties and more. I'll be in Hartford on a Saturday - so only places that are open on the weekends. Any price level is fine. Thanks in advance.

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  1. For quick and delicious, try Ken's Corner Breakfast & Lunch in Glastonbury at 30 Hebron Ave. Take 84 East to Route 2 East. Take Exit 8 and go right off the exit. You will be on Hebron Ave. Ken's will be in a plaza on your left.

    1. Diner? I'm from Joizey, so I go to GoldRoc on 84, Exit 44, just at the Hartford/West Hartford line. 20 minutes doesn't allow you alot of time to take many of the backroads to reach out of the way places, so I'd stick close to the highways. If you're willing to push your 20 minutes, Rein's Kosher/NY style deli in Vernon, also off 84 is at the outer edge of your timeframe.

        1. thanks for all the suggestions! Lox Stock fits the bill... and my husband is a bagel hound. Ken's also looks like a contender. thanks for the help!