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May 23, 2012 09:31 AM

weird/ funny food childhood stories/ memories

This thread has sorta been done a thousand way
s..but here goes
My friends mom made awful koolaid
She used twice as
Much water..half the sugar and never any flavor besides green.

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  1. Same friends mom made fishsticks for dinner.
    i didnt know what they i claimed i was alergic to them
    My mom made french toast with salt and black pepper vs sugar or jam/ surup

    1. Went to a low budget dinner theatre at age thirteen to see Pirates of Penzance. Went through te buffet with my best friend. Halfway through dinner she says, I have a piece of chicken in my teeth, I look at her plate and tell her "but you're eating fish". She gets a horrified look on her face and says "this is fish? I thought it just tasted nasty". She will eat certain fish on occasion now but is mostly vegetarian at home.

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        Lol..i have a similar one.not childhood related but..i was working at a mall..and went to the food court for lunch.this was a high de da mall( as far as malls go). I ordered a chicken sandwich..sat down, had a bite..thought..mmmhh..this is fish, they got my order wro g.i politely tell the cashier, im sorry but you guys have me the fish fillet and i ordered chicken she looks at me and says..uuhm maam..we dont have fish.
        I just said ohhhh ok...walked off..dumped it i the garbage..yikes!

      2. My sister used to hide boxes off " doo dads" in her room so no one lse could eat them.damn i miss doo dads

        1. My Best Friend when I was in Kindergarten lived two doors down from me. During the summer, she ate boiled hot dogs and lipton cup a soup every damn day for lunch, and I actually ENVIED her because I’d have to eat boring old pasta fagiole, or swiss chard and potatoes, or sandwiches made with salami on bread that had a hard crust!

          1. When I was about 5 I made a bologna sandwich. It had the toughest lettuce that I have ever eaten. Later Mom said, who got into the cabbage? ;-)