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May 23, 2012 08:54 AM

Quick trip to Indy on Friday


Staying in the new Marriott complex downtown this Friday, meeting a friend at the Eiteljorg for the afternoon. Have read some good things about the restaurant there. Looking for some dining recs. Vegetarian friendly for dinner on Friday would be nice, some proximity to the museum would be great.

I wouldn't mind a nice wine bar for later in that evening. I'll probably just do breakfast at the hotel unless there's someplace really recommended near the hotel, heading to the state museum after breakfast and back to St. Louis after lunch.

Any Sat. am breakfast/lunch recs (no restrictions in particular)? Places on my radar include Shapiros for sure. Last nice dinner I ate there was Palomino after the symphony, which was good, but is a chain and I'd like to support local places.


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