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May 23, 2012 07:34 AM

Eleven 14 - J House Hotel - Greenwich

Anyone been yet? I am going this week and would love hear a review

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  1. OK....went last night and it was a complete dissapointment. 8PM and maybe 4 tables had customers, yet it took forever for service. When we asked the waiter for suggestions and descriptions, he had none and was trying to read off the menu. Appetizers were the fish carpaccio and the salmon carpaccio. Both were drowned in oil with a coating of rock salt. Main courses were the seared tuna and the pasta with lobster. Portions were small, pricy and lacked of any flavor at all. This is NOT somewhere I would go back to eat at. The bar looked ok, but the room still resembles the old Howard Johnson. The manager came over 3 times to check on us and told us that more people will come in the summer.....

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    1. re: taboo

      I thought the place wasn't officially open yet?

      1. re: annenyc

        It is, and has been serving dinner for a few weeks.....

        1. re: taboo

          No seriously, I heard it's not officially "launched" or advertised. They're serving dinner but it's kind of a trial. Maybe the service will get better once it's launched? I've seen that happen at other places.

          1. re: annenyc

            It's been active on for a while now, so that would indicate they are "officially" open to me...

            1. re: sibeats

              perhaps, but I heard it's been only open for "trial runs" to friends and word of mouth customers for the last two weeks, which might account for the service and limited number of customers. The the official Grand Opening is supposed to be sometime in June according to a friend who works at the hotel. We'll see, I guess.

              1. re: annenyc

       can make a reservation on opentable, and I'm not a it would appear to be open to the public! In any case, many restaurants have service issues at the beginning while they work out the kinks...

                1. re: annenyc

                  There really isn't any such thing as not being "officially launched" or "trial runs"

                  If you're serving to the public and charging them for're open. Not really sure what you want to call that - but I call it open.

              2. re: annenyc

                It is advertised in the latest Westchester Magazine issue.

        2. The original comment has been removed