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May 23, 2012 07:32 AM

EOS - Stamford

Went last night for the first time since I LOVE Greek food. Very dissapointed in the entire evening though starting with the service. Took forever for someone to attend to the table and the restaurant was mostly empty. Ordered a bottle of wine and the waiter then came over 4 times to see if he can take the order and it was odd. Appetizers were the grilled Calamari and the grilled Octopus. Both were good, not great. Main course was the same for both of us. The grilled Salmon with side of Horta and a side of the green beans in a tomato sauce. I asked for the Salmon to be Medium rare and they both came out well done with no flavor and saturated with oil. Same for the Horta. This is not greek cooking to me and I will not be returning.

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  1. I agree with you. I think the entrees here are lacking, there are not many choices and all are prepared the same way. The appetizers are quite extensive and I like those, would be a good spot for drinks and snacks; however being that there is not much of a bar it does not work out that way.

    1. We used to love EOS, but this establishment has definitely not met our expectations of late. Our last experience there included a semi cold order of Moussaka - presume it was microwaved, not freshly baked! That was the last time we went and unfortunately, we won't be back.