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May 23, 2012 06:38 AM

Father's Day Brunch Ideas

Just realized that our family trip to the city will coincide with Father's Day. Will that make brunch extra crazy? We'd love to try Clinton Street, but not if the wait will be insane. We will be a group of probably six (could be 5-7) including two kids, ages 9 & 11. We are staying at Omni Berkshire. Willing to travel around the city, although likely to go to MOMA or the Met after, so something in that general direction would be nice (and I know Clinton Street is the opposite direction, but sounds worth the travel). Any suggestions?

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  1. Clinton St doesn't do parties greater than six during brunch service.

    To avoid a wait, I'd arrive at 8:15am or so, as they open at 9am. Otherwise the wait will probably be about 2 hours later on in the day.

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      Good info about party size, though I suspect I won't be able to muster the troops to get there that early (sigh. . .one of these days I am going to get there). Any other suggestions? The kids will want breakfast-y stuff, adults are very flexible.

    2. Near the MoMA you could try Benoit for brunch. Marea is also great but the menu is not very brunchy.

      1. On Mother's Day, we had brunch at Landmarc in the Time Warner center. We were a group of 10, had a round table and it was very pleasant.

        1. I did a little more research. How is Sarabeth's? The menu looks right, and the Central Park location is great. I have the feeling this is one of those trips where good food will be sacrificed for convenience and pleasing the masses (we are coming up to the city to celebrate my 9 y.o.'s birthday and take her to the American Girl store), but I'd still like to salvage as much of the dining as possible.

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            Sarabeth's will do nicely for a large brunch group!

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              I don't know if you can make a reservation for weekend brunch at Sarabeth's CPS if you want a "normal" time. I would give them a call.

              On OpenTable, they only have the very early and very late times for weekend brunch available.

              How about Untitled, Danny Meyer's restaurant at the Whitney on the UES? A short walk from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

            2. Went to Almond (22nd and 5th Ave?) for Mothers Day Brunch and it was VERY good, they had lots of seating, and it wasn't crowded until after 1pm. I think they are on open table... ? Lovely little biscuits they bring you for your table with butter and jam. yummy