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May 23, 2012 06:21 AM

Train from Rome to Naples - What about lunch?

1st trip to Italy so lots of questions.... Here's my latest one! We are getting into FCO ~ 9:30 am from the US and then taking the fast train to Naples and a driver to Positano (should arrive ~ 2:30ish). What should we do about lunch? Should we find somewhere to buy food and take it with us on the train? Is there something good in the airport that we can buy? Has anyone eaten on the train? Would hate for our 1st meal to be awful! Someone suggested we store our luggage in Naples and eat nearby before heading to Positano. Thanks!

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  1. Definitely eat in Naples. Da Michele pizzeria is a ten minute walk from the train station.

    1. Looks like you might (depending on when you actually land and get through customs and p'port check) be able to catch the 12pm Le Frecce fast train from Termini, which gets into Naples at 1.10. Hardly much time or reason to eat on the train, and I second the suggestion to grab lunch in Naples--these boards are filled with great suggestions, like Da Michele.

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        I'm not a big Da Michele fan. Will your driver take you to a lunch spot and wait for you? If so, There are far better pizza shops in Naples. If it is do-able I would head to Starita, Di Matteo or Sorbillo.

      2. Da Michele is a good late-lunch destination: close to the train station, modest in price, pretty spartan. Order a beer or two and add extra cheese on the pie. They like to wheel you in, wheel you out but that's ok given the low price point and the quality pizza. Not far away is Cappella Sansevero (you'll need directions or a good GPS/chartplotter on your smart phone). It houses Samartino's "veiled christ", arguably the best sculpture ever. Combine the two before shoving off, maybe hit the chapel first.

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          have to check the opening hours, though. If you are going to haul yourself over the the Capella Sansevero you will be walking right past a lot of worthy signts and eats. Why not have your lunch get down to Positano and allocate a bigger block of time to actually visit central naples on the way back, Then you can stop at one of the Pizzerie in the centro before heading back to rome..

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            ahh, low-impact tourism. Sounds like a plan.

        2. I'm not much of a fan of Da Michele.

          The marvelous but informal business restaurant Mimi alla Ferrovia is a 3-minute walk from the Napoli train station, and it has been there for close to 70 years You can have a terrific lunch, with great antipasti, pasta, and more if you like, plus wine and Napoli's killer desserts. The address is on the web.

          On your way back to the train station, you can stop for an amazing cup of coffee at Caffe Mexico, across the piazza from the train station.


            They will seat you as late as 1:45pm, perhaps even 2pm. If you can get there before 1pm, fine, but I would still book your driver for 3pm.