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May 23, 2012 06:11 AM

Late June Honeymoon in Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle - A little help please.

I will be honeymooning in Victoria/Vancouver/Seattle the last week in June. Three nights in Victoria, three nights in Vancouver and the final night in Seattle (Flying into and out of Seattle.) We both love seafood and are hoping to make that the main theme of our trip food wise. We are coming from Texas and have good access to high quality beef regularly so are not really looking for steakhouses and we are not drinkers so no need to use wine availability in any recommendations. We will have a car and don’t mind travelling for a great meal. Hoping you can lend your expertise to our plans.

While in Victoria, we will be staying at a B&B so will mainly be interested in three dinners (We are planning on an afternoon snack at Red Fish, Blue Fish.) We already have reservation for one night at Sooke Harbor House. For the other two nights we are looking at Amuse Bistro and Bakery, Harbor House, Camilles, Lure, Blue Crab and Pescatores Seafood and Grill.

While in Vancouver, we will be staying at the Four Seasons. We are thinking one night Italian (Provence Marina-side, La Buca, Lupo, Il Giardino, Cioppinos Mediterranean Grill, Il Terrazo or Via Veneto), one night French (Les Faux Bourgeois, Chambar or Le Crocodile) and one night Chinese (Kirin, The Jade, Sun Sui Wah or Shanghai Chinese Bistro and we would love to combine this dinner with a trip to the night market.) We are hoping to do Bard on the Beach one night so would like to combine with dinner. While we hope to eat local seafood throughout our trip I have also heard good things about these specifically seafood restaurants in Vancouver (West, Rodneys Oyster House, Five Sails, Fish House Stanley park, Joe Fortes, Salmon House on the hill.)
I don’t really have too much idea about breakfasts while in Vancouver (We would love to get fresh Croissants or pastries with good coffee) or lunch (not burgers or pizza) so would appreciate some help with these recommendations. I have read that when we go to Granville Island we should have lunch at The Lobsterman.)

Finally, our final night in Seattle we have reservations at The Georgian at The Fairmont Hotel and plan to spend the little time we have shopping and noshing at Pikes Market.

Thanks for any ideas.

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  1. For Victoria, please skip Pescatore's; it's not very good. In fact, none of the "seafood" themed restaurants in Victoria are good.

    Instead, try a good restaurant that does seafood well. i.e. Brasserie L'Ecole, Camille's, Cafe Brio, Stage. The Blue Crab isn't bad, and the view is great, but it is overpriced.

    Seafood that will be in season during your trip here: spot prawns, halibut, salmon, scallops (from Qualicum Bay). You should also try some local oysters while you're here.

    Have fun.

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    1. re: anewton

      Thank you anewton. We are really looking forward to our trip. My Fiance loves scallops so that will definitely be on our menu more than once.

    2. Vancouver's best restaurant IMO are not in the "Fine Dining" category since this city (like Seattle) is pretty casual all around. Your list seems a bit dated now (e.g. Shanghai Chinese Bistro is closed, AFAIK). I'll try to narrow you list down to my own choice out of your list (or recommend something else)
      Italian - La Buca or Cioppino's (pricey).
      French - Les Faux Bourgeois (casual indie) or Le Croc (more trad)
      Chinese - The Jade Seafood (Richmond)
      Seafood - I have had good seafood at L'Abattoir - though it isn't decidedly a seafood joint. If you like oysters, check out Oyster Raw Bar's 50 cent shucks I think 3 - 4pm, then buck-a-shuck from 4-7pm (follow them on twitter for details)
      Coffee - perhaps Revolver.
      Brunch - I'll leave topic to someone else.

      1. I'll just quickly throw in a brekkie croissant suggestion, since you mentioned Granville Island, and that is La Baguette l'Echalote:

        Sure, Granv. Isld is a tourist destination, but for good reasons too. There's not much like the Vancouver experience than sitting there on a bench between the water and the public market, having something tasty on one hand and your SO beside ya, people- and city-watching, on an early summer morning, while looking out for big fat seagulls ready to pounce on your tasty snacks.

        Another croissant option is in the SW neighbourhood of Kerrisdale (epicenter = W. 41 Avenue & Yew Street). There you will find Faubourg Paris, a swell place to get anything French and baked:

        They open at 7am so early birds get the fresh hot croissants.

        I should note you seemed to have done a great job of research so far ! But you may have been mis-informed that The LobsterMan is a restaurant (it's not, but a great purveyor of fresh seafood: And as such, perhaps if you're already planning the morning at Granville Island, a lunch option would be the Edible Canada Store & Bistro:

        A stone's throw from the public market.

        Another lunch option is a very casual (theme of Vancouver) joint called The Galley Patio & Grill in the western edge of the city, at the Jericho Sailing Club:

        Not a foodie destination as such, but on a nice warm day, the view from the patio is priceless. And it's steps from the beach too.

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        1. re: LotusRapper

          definitely the Baguette et l'echalote on Granvile Island for baked goods

        2. the Fairmont Olympic is one of our favourite hotels -

          at Pike Place, check out the mac and cheese at - it is NOT in the old market building, it is across the st near the very first starbucks

          you will find many of the fish vendors have "take away" crab / shrimp meat ready-to-eat with the sauce and everything. I don't know that i would do that (eat and walk in a crowded unevenly floored market - but it's popular.

          in Vancouver downtown, for a snack and a GREAT view - go to Anatolia Express for the Hummous and peda bread - you can choose from either white or brown flour for your peda

          there are a couple of recent threads about places to eat on the drive between Vanc BC and SEA

          1. Congratulations!

            For Victoria, Sooke Harbour House and Amuse are both amazing. For old school ambiance, you might also want to consider Deep Cover Chalet (really close to the ferry terminal). In Victoria proper, Brasserie L'Ecole is excellent.

            For your Italian, Cioppino's is fantastic if you have the budget. For a little less money, if you can get a reso at La Quercia in Point Grey (west-most neighbourhood in the city). Downtown, my favourite would be Lupo.

            For Chinese, you can't go too wrong with your choices, though the night market is really a lot about eating, so I'm not sure how much more eating you'll be able to do if it's just the two of you. Have you considered just going for dim sum during the day? Richmond is packed with excellent dim sum options.

            For seafood, I'm surprised you didn't list Blue Water Cafe, which is usually in the city's top 3. Though it's not cheap, they do everything pretty darn well. If you were just going to do one seafood stop, that would be an excellent choice. Or, if you're at all interested in Japanese, I would highly recommend Miku.

            For croissants, I may be in the minority on this, but La Baguette does not make good croissants. Try Thierry on Alberni or Bel Cafe in the Rosewood hotel downtown, or Thomas Haas in Kits. Even Quince on 3rd near Granville Island makes a better croissant. For brunch, super popular spots include Cafe Medina and the Twisted Fork. Be prepared to wait. I like the patio on top of Joe Fortes on a nice summer day for brunch. Also, if you're in Granville Island, Go Fish (Red Fish, Blue Fish is an offshoot of Go Fish) is just a two minute walk away and a tacone is always good for a snack.

            Overall, sounds like a great eating vacation. Enjoy!