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May 23, 2012 04:08 AM

Brunch for Large Group in St Paul

Thanks to all who responded to my earlier post for dinner suggestions for a large group of college students visiting St Paul in July. Now, however, plans have changed and the meal to be provided is breakfast//brunch on a Sunday morning. The group will be ~ 25 people. Your suggestions would be most appreciated, as we are traveling from Michigan and are not familiar with SP area.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you are staying in downtown St. Paul, try The DownTowner on West 7th. They have handled large groups that I've been with in the past and the food is actually pretty tasty. With college kids, I don't think you are looking for a 4-star brunch (or prices) so this place should fit the bill nicely:

      Another option would be Patrick McGovern's which is more of a traditional pub/bar/restaurant, but has the space to handle such a large group. It's also on West 7th:

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        I normally recommend Downtowner, but the one time I tried them for brunch it was expensive and awful.


      2. It may be above your budget ($20/person), but you could try M Street Grill, in the basement of the St. Paul hotel. It's buffet-style, but they have private roms that could accommodate your group.

        1. I'll still recommend Happy Gnome.

          1. I still recommend Salut, as well. They have nice brunch.