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May 23, 2012 03:50 AM

Family fare in Stratford

I'm heading to Stratford with a friend and our five boys, ages nine to 13. They're not picky, but obviously we want something reasonably priced with good, even interesting food. I usually go to Stratford with an older crowd, and tend to fall back on favourites like Cafe Ten, the York Street Kitchen and Balzac's. I'd appreciate suggestions for non-fine-dining but non-chain lunch, dinner and ice cream/dessert spots that would have wide appeal and enhance the kids' sense of having had a grown-up experience. I picked up Downie Street Burgers and Simple Fish and Chips from previous threads--others most welcome!

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  1. Was in Stratford on the weekend and unfotunately, the York St. Kitchen is no more... just... disappeared. Very sad. Used to love their take out window for picnic fare. Tried Pazzo bakery's "picnic" it was fine (Blue Cheese Coleslaw ++) but a bit pricey and not really "kid fare".

    Re: Ice cream, etc., I really like Rocky Mountain Choc., it is a chain, but they have good ice cream and treats (choc covered frozen bananas, etc.) cool cone choices for the kids and they are usually making something (fudge, caramel apples, etc.) that is fun to watch.

    I hearJenn & Larry's (York St.) is good as well, but I haven't been.

    Have fun!

    1. The Parlour, Downie Street Burgers, Wok on Downie or Raja might work.
      Scooper's on Erie St is another option for ice cream. I haven't tried Jenn + Larry's, either.

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        Unfortunately, Simple Fish and Chips on Downie is also gone. A true loss to Stratford as their fish sandwiches were excellent.

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          Oh no...I can't believe the York Street Kitchen is gone--that's terrible news! Where do I get sandwiches for the post-matinee drive home now? And I'm sorry I never got the chance to try Simple Fish and Chips. Thanks for the other suggestions.

          1. re: freshbread

            York Street Kitchen is not gone, they moved to Erie Street. It's a tiny location but they have a patio and take-out. Their landlord kicked them out of the other location.

            1. re: RYP

              Great to hear--thanks so much, RYP!