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May 23, 2012 03:33 AM

Bludso's Texas Sampler - will it hold?

Will be visiting Los Angeles soon, and I'm planning on trying some good BBQ. I got my eyes set on the Texas Sampler from Bludso's - will share it with my wife though ;-).

My concern is, that I will have to pick it up, and drive to our hotel to eat it, which is Hollywood Orchid Suites. I guess the drive will be at least 45 mins. around 5pm on a weeksday?
So does anyone know, if the food will hold okay for that long?

..Another question is how long the waiting time for a Texas Sampler when you order it? Is it better to call ahead?

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  1. Is it a logistical thing? Why not take the wife and eat there? There is an outdoor table in the back parking lot. Their Staff is the best and will check on you at the table. It will hold fine although unless your both really big eaters there will be plenty of left overs to deal with. The wait time is minimal.

    1. We live about 35-45 minutes away as well but traveling the freeways at rush hour is pretty tough. The drive from Compton to Hollywood (over 20 miles) at 5PM is not going to be fun. My other concern is if your hotel has a kitchenette. We usually get the large party tray and it is still warm enough to eat by the time we get home - but it's a fair amount of mass. To warm it up/keep it warm, we put it in the oven on "Keep Warm" mode (about 170 degrees) for about 20-30 minutes. I don't know how it would come out in a microwave, but if doing so, setting it on a lower power setting for very short periods of time repeatedly might work. Same goes for a stovetop - low and slow would be my approach. Bludso's doesn't really have a place to eat other than a table or two and some chairs literally adjacent to their parking area and smokers, but I guess it would do in a pinch.

      Consider ordering the sauce on the side - their spicy is pretty spicy to most. The sides we really like are the bbq beans and the potato salad (lots of mustard and vinegar). All are very good but the cole slaw is good but average. If you like brisket or rib tips, I'd order extra. Because the meat is smoked, it's going to keep well. Again, careful when warming it up. Treat the 'que like your wife - be sweet, caring and attentive to it. :) imho, their pit master is a true artisan and his bbq deserves a lot of respect.

      I've never ordered anything but the party trays but we always order in advance because the party trays do take longer - Bludso's usually says it will take at least an hour. A Texas Sampler shouldn't take long at all, but I'm sure you can call ahead and give them an ETA. The people at Bludso's are incredibly nice and cordial and I'm sure they'll take care of you.

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        How many people would you say those party trays serve? (the whole or 1/2)?

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          We've had eight per large tray and still have leftovers. But we always order an extra pound or two of brisket and large order of bbq beans. Throw in dessert from somewhere like Apple Pan and we're good to go.

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            Perfect! Thank you!!! ...and great Apple Pan idea! You are making party planning a breeze for me. I appreciate it!

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              Apple Pan's banana cream pie is good stuff. The strawberry pie is worthy when strawbs are in full swing. I found Bludso's to be unreliable in the desserts dept. They rarely have the bana pudding when I've gone; thus, a trip to Apple Pan.

      2. That is going to be a brutal drive at that time of the day. I live about 35-45 minutes away without traffic and a tray is still warm by the time I bring back home. I usually pop it into the oven on low while I set the table. I'd guess with your drive, it's going to be room temp at best by the time you get everything in.

        Definitely call ahead. They are very friendly and if you give them an ETA, it'll be ready to go.

        Possible to have a car picnic instead? I've done that for other places. Pick up a pack of wipes, ask for extra napkins and just spread things out on the hood to chow down. Pack the leftovers

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        1. a curbside picnic with ribs, brisket, greens, mac, and cornbread is the best way to experience bludso's. the sauce and sides come in styrofoam containers, which won't hold the heat that long. you'd need to get some bowls at the hotel.

          you can also stop at marukai to eat in the food court. i've done that a bunch of times (grocery shopping is a good excuse to make a quick detour).

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            surprisingly, bbq reheats pretty well in a microwave.

          2. Call ahead, call ahead, call ahead.

            It'll hold for hours and hours.

            Since you'll be stuck in traffic, why not stop off at Randolph's as well? If it's a Friday, there will be fantastic ribs that bears a comparison.