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May 23, 2012 02:19 AM

Kaffir lime leaves in northern DE or nearby?

Just what it says on the tin. I'm getting into Thai food, but I've read that fresh kaffir lime leaves are really important for a lot of Thai dishes, and I cannot find them at all. I tried Newark Farmer's Market, and they didn't have it. Neither did Young's Asian grocery store on Kirkwood Highway; the lady there told me they were really hard to find. No kidding!

I'd be willing to try a place in PA, maybe even NJ or MD if I need to. Is there anywhere that carries kaffir lime leaves?

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  1. I would call first before doing the driving... But Whole Foods might have them, or Wegman's.

    1. You could try:

      Newark Natural Foods and Wang's Oriental, both on Main St.
      Harvest Market in Hockessin
      Whole Foods in Glen Mills, PA

      1. Hm, Newark Farmer's Market would have been my go-to--I'm sure I have seen them there before. Harvest Market is a definite no--I'm there all the time and have never seen lime leaves in the store. Whole Foods, maybe, but call. In a pinch, order them online and then just stick them in the freezer. Kaffir lime leaves lose nothing in the freezing, and you can keep them for ages. I have curry leaves (used in Indian food) in a ziploc bag in my freezer also.

        You might also just stop by one of the Thai restaurants around and ask where they source them. Maybe they would be nice and sell you some, or add some to their order for you.

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          Oh, I didn't even think of asking a restaurant. Asian Soybean Grille off Limestone Rd might be able to help.

        2. If you can't find them locally try They have the real deal limes and the leaves (altho not all the time) as well as lots of other interesting Asain items . Caution - shipping adds to the price!

          1. We have them at Janssen's Market: 3801 Kennett Pike, Greenville, DE 19807