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May 23, 2012 02:04 AM

Critique my Singapore plans! kid here.

Three days in Singapore coming up en-route to Europe (London, Paris, Champagne, Chablis, Jura, Burgundy, Biarritz, San Sebastian & Rioja) and I have these places jotted down for my Singapore foodie experience.

Kopi: Killiney Kopitam (Killiney Road) and Yan Kun (Far East Square)...Mr Tea Tarik also

Chilli Crab: Jumbo Riverside, Palm Beach & No Signboard

Maxwell Road Centre: Tan Tian Chicken Rice, Zhen Zhen Porridge, Jing Hua Sliced Fish Bee Hoon, Big Scissors Curry Rice (Assam Fish), Lim Kee Banana Fritters, Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake

Chinatown Food Centre: Tian Tian Pork Porridge, Ma Li Ya Virgin Chicken, Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice Nui Che Shui Glutinous Rice, Terry Katong Laksa

Little India: Temasek Indian Rojak, K Villas

Plus....Wah Kee Prawn Noodles, 328 Katong Laksa + a night with some locals heading out to Old Airport Road Food Centre.

A lot of places for 3 days I know but I'm doing an article for a magazine and was wondering if there was any glaring omissions.



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  1. For coffee/kaya toast, you should try Chin Mee Chin in East Coast Rd - unlike its contemporaries Ya Kun andKilliney Rd, it had steadfastly refused to turn itself into a chain.

    Chilli crab: Just pick one of those to try - not much to choose between them, but my personal fave is Palm Beach.

    Maxwell Rd Food Centre - you'll notice long queues in front of the "hum chim peng" and fish porridge stalls. Try and go before 11.30am to avoid the lunch-time crowd.

    Chinatown Food Centre - any reason you chose Terry Katong Laksa?

    Little India - Komala Vilas and Madras New Woodlands both served good thosai, idlis, pratas and good vegetarian thalis. Alauddin's briyani rice in Tekka Market is worth checking out. What's with Temasek Indian Rojak?

    Other options: "bak kut teh" (pork-rib soup), Hainanese chicken rice (Wee Nam Kee, Boon Tong Kee or Nam Kee, serves better versions than Tian Tian), fried carrot cake (Tanglin Halt), Hoover rojak at Whampoa Drive off Balestier Rd, wanton noodles at Kok Kee (Lavender Food Centre), "bak chor mee" (minced pork noodles) at Tai Hwa (behind Immigration bldg, Lavender MRT), nasi padang from Hajah Maimunah (Jalan Pisang), Roti prata from Thasevi (Jalan Kayu), barbecued chicken wings from Chomp Chomp food centre (Serangoon Gardens), Nyonya food from Guan Hoe Soon (Joo Chiat Place) and Eurasian food from Mary's Kafe (Kum Yam Methodist Church, Middle Road).
    Can still think of many other places which we Singaporeans think can offer you a glimpse of quintessential local fare. Do tell us what you're specifically looking for.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Hi Klyeoh,

      Many thanks for the detailed reply.

      I did have Chin Mee Chin recommended to me but is closed on Mondays and alas that is one of the days I am in town.

      Palm Beach it is for Chilli crab then. Terry Katong was recommended to me by a friend but happy for other suggestions in that food centre?

      Re: Temasek...I was told Siraj and Habibs were very good but with a limited amount of time, I am trying to find places that are doable in the frame that I'm given....hence in Little India visiting Komala Villas I thought Temasek made sense?....happy for another suggestion though.....anywhere good for Sup Tulang around Little India?....maybe a side trip to Haji Kadir at Golden Mile?

      And many thanks for your final list of suggestions....I'm not happy I've only got a couple of days....really need a couple of weeks!

      1. re: Tehuringa

        Hmm, pity about your having to miss Chin Mee Chin - its retro ambience is rare in Singapore nowadays as most of our traditional coffeeshops have been supplanted by international coffee chains. The last "real" traditional coffeeshop in Singapore which I can think of (down in River Valley Road) closed down last year.

        For local Singaporeans - when we think of Chinatown Food Centre, one of the stalls we'd think of would be Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice (, or better known as the 3 Sisters Claypot Rice - reputedly the best in Singapore. That will be a more logical choice compared to Terry Katong Laksa, because I'd rather you try the triumvirate of laksa spots in Katonng itself, or else Sungei Road if you want to have Singapore-style "Katong Laksa" -

        You can find Sup Tulang in Tekka Market, but they aren't thebest in town. Golden Mile is a hop away so you should do that.

        Yes, you do need more than a couple of days to do Singapore's street dining scene justice. I've been chowing for more than 4 decades around town, but still haven't tried many places which friends/relatives here talked about (your Haji Kadir Sup tulang is a case in point).

    2. You must also try Singapore's top chef, Justin Quek, at his restaurant Sky on 57 on top of the Marina Bay Sands. Coming to Singapore and not visiting MBS is like visiting New York without going to the Rockefeller Centre:-