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May 22, 2012 08:59 PM


In August we are driving from Sacramento to Eureke CA (Night 1). Next day driving to Bandon or
Coos Bay or Florence - depending on where we can eat and where we can stay. (Night 2).
Next day is to Cannon Beach (two nights). Fifth day on to Seattle where we'll catch the people
ferry to Victoria. As we make our way up the coast we want to eat everything from fine dining
(maybe only once or twice) to local to down and dirty. Help!

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  1. In Cannon Beach is a new restaurant, Fishes Sushi you should check out. About ten minutes away is Seaside where you should try Yummy Wine Bar. Also in Cannon Beach, The Restaurant @ The Stephanie Inn should be at the top of your list for a fine dining meal. :)

    1. For fine dining you shouldn't miss the Bay House in Lincoln City.

      1. If you don't mind divey biker bar (very friendly folks), you must go to Chester's tavern in south bend, wa. There's only one thing to have - their fried oysters. The nytimes even wrote about them. They are incredible, and generously portioned. Really really worth a stop.