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May 22, 2012 08:34 PM

Where to eat in paris?

I know it is crazy to ask where to eat in such a wonderful city with everything one would ever hope to see, eat, drink, experience husband and I (native New yorkers) will be there for almost 2 weeks the end of june and I am hoping for some different types of suggestions. Perhaps a whole range of restaurants - we love trying new things and I am an avid amateur chef (music is my profession and I get to travel which is nice). I would like to try some classic French cuisine, perhaps some avant grade options, a bistro or two and maybe a gastropub. If anyone has any suggestions that are not too touristy that's great. Price is not so important but I want the food to be great or at least quite good. Thanks so much and looking forward to suggestions!

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  1. I'd suggest you do some searches on the board to get a general feel about recommendations for the city. There is a lot of great and extensive advice on the board if you search with some keywords specific to your query, or read a few of the recent threads.

    I've got a fun suggestion though -- as a musician, you might appreciate a bite to eat with a great view to people-watch across from the Opera Garnier. I like to indulge in a glass of wine at Cafe de la Paix on a sunny day, however, I find that options are more affordable and relaxed at L'Entracte. It's on Rue Auber, with a nice terrasse with a great view opposite the Garnier. It serves standard brasserie fare (salads, croques, etc) which I always enjoy.

    1. I recommend Ambassade d'Auvernge because it's a cuisine that you can't find in the US, executed with care. Do not miss the warm lentil salad.