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May 22, 2012 07:53 PM

Where to eat near the Westin Westminster between Denver and Boulder

I have to be at a conference for 5 days at the Westin Westminster, and don't want to eat my meals in the hotel. I have a car, and would appreciate any and all recommendations!

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  1. Pho Dui 6600 W 120th Ave
    Unit B
    Broomfield, CO 80021
    Bun bo Hue is my fav......

    Near by Boulder is full of great spots.

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    1. re: paul balbin

      I'll second the recommendation for Pho Duy. The bun dach biet is excellent as well.

    2. The shopping center at W 120th Ave and Main Street in Broomfield has a great Chinese/Dim Sum place in the parking lot and some good pho joints, as well as a huge Asian market (good banh mi in there too).

      And Boulder, just about 15 minutes drive down highway 36, has tons of options from very high end (Frasca, Black Cat) to farm-to-table local (Kitchen, SALT) to Neopolitan pizza (Pizzeria Locale, Pizzeria Basta) to seafood (Jax) to sushi (Sushi Zanmai, Sushi Tora) to Mex/Southwest (Zolo Grille, Centro, Agave, T|ACO, Pica's) to BBQ (Original Moe's, Rib House) to brewpubs (Southern Sun/Mountain Sun) to Indian (Tandoori Grill, India's Clay Oven, Tiffin's) to breakfast (Snooze, Southside Walnut, Lucille's)... the list goes on.

      EDIT: I guess I just repeated what Paul said above. Should have probably read the other comment first.

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      1. re: monopod

        What is the name of the Dim Sum place, I would like to check it out.

        1. re: paul balbin

          It used to be Heaven Star, then it became Newport and I think the ownership changed. They remodeled recently (and I think ownership may have changed again), and their website looks to have been updated as well. I haven't been for a year or so, but last time I went it was solid, tasty dim sum - not the best in Denver (cough, Star Kitchen, cough), but a much easier drive from Boulder and more than adequate to satiate my dim sum cravings. It's a good sign that the new owners seem to be making an effort to update the physical location and web presence, since it was getting a little run-down last I went (though the food was fine).

      2. I'll put in a plug for the even closer town of Louisville. Empire Lounge, Zucca, Lucky Pie and LuLu's BBQ are favorites. Sweet Cow ice cream is amazing.

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        1. re: RobynS

          True enough. And if your trip includes a Friday night during the summer, Louisville has a great downtown fair every week with live music and tons of booths serving all kinds of food (mostly local purveyors, not crappy carnival fare - a friend of mine who lives in Louisville is doing a homemade Italian sausage booth this summer, for example).

          Maybe other places do this, but Sweet Cow is the first I've seen that prepares fresh ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies and various flavors of ice cream that you can just grab out of their freezer. So much better than a cone - you get ice cream AND cookies!

          1. re: monopod

            Yes! The Faire is fantastic. Tibet's is another place outside of downtown Louisville that I forgot about but is good (and had a booth at the Faire last year).

            I try to resist those ice cream sandwiches but I have enjoyed one in the past. I usually do a kid size cone to get just enough. Gotta love the Mooooo Mobile too. Ice cream truck with awesome ice cream.

            I will warn you that Lucky Pie and Sweet Cow are sometimes a madhouse. They're kind of the place in Louisville. I've had a few occasions when they were looking at hour waits and I can walk a block up the street to Lulu's and get right in.

            The Rex isn't really a foodie spot but has a great rooftop patio and edible food.