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May 22, 2012 07:27 PM

Best whole roasted chicken in Sf

I've been getting one at the Broderick store every week - can't find a better one in town !

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  1. Costco. They're darn good, fat, and cheap. If you want to go out, you certainly can't argue with Zuni. The only problem is that every time I have one, as I'm leaving the restaurant I think to myself "wow, I just spent over fifty bucks for a...chicken (about the same as a Costco membership)" OK, it's a special, magic chicken. Over the decades, I've never had a disappointing Zuni chicken.
    Advice: For less than the price of a Zuni Chicken, you can buy the Zuni Cookbook. If you start with a good quality bird and follow the easy directions, you will wow your guests with a delicious Zuni roasted chicken at home. But it will still probably cost more than a take-out BBQ chicken.

    1. I have to say for the price Chicken Coop does a darn good job, and their BBQ sauce at the Mission Street location is top rate.

      But my favorite rotisserie bird in SF is at Inka's. Moist & tender with a great rub and a Peruvian hot sauce that is out of this world!

      1. The Roli Roti truck chickens are delicious, they are at the various farmers' markets. $13 for a whole chicken last time I bought one. They will also sell halves and quarters.