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May 22, 2012 07:19 PM

Kid-friendly thing to do with radishes?

My preschooler and I just pulled an absurd number of radishes out of the garden, but, unfortunately, I'm the only one in the house who will eat them. Since she adores pink and keeps talking about cooking the radishes, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to cook/prep them that might be tolerable to her. The one possibility I'm currently considering is to make tea sandwiches with enough butter or cream cheese and cucumbers to mask the taste but still convince her that eating radishes is fun. Thoughts?

(I figure this will take care of one or two of them and then I will pickle the rest using David Leibovitz's recipe so I can force my husband into sharing the rest with me.)

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  1. Have you given any thought to cooking the radishes? The radish flavor is, in many instances, something you grow accustomed to over time (if you have the courage) and cooking them by either roasting, frying or steaming (add some herbs or what ever else you might think enticing to the pre-schooler) might be a way of accomplishing your goal. I'd experiment with different ideas and use my own taste in an effort to identify a flavor/texture profile that I felt the child might, based on experience, accept. Radish chips is one approach that might work. You could, of course, call it "chicken" - kids seem to accept just about anything if it's called chicken. :>)

    1. My girls adored radish tea sandwiches. They also liked radishes cut in half with cream cheese in them just to pop in their mouths. I have also sauteed them with butter and served with white rice (very pale plate).

      1. Thin raw radish slices on buttered melba toast rounds -- or 1/2 butter, 1/2 cheese. If they start out as a garnish (radish roses) she might like them with a dip. But if they're just too hot to eat, they're just too hot to eat!

        1. I love radishes super cold, right out of an ice bath! But beyond the garden to plate enjoyment, I agree with the saute in butter suggestion and a tea sandwich component with any number of spreads, or sliced super thin in mixed green salads.

          And when my kids were young, one of their favorite uses for radishes (especially the larger ones) was to cut patterns into a flat-cut radish top (we used mini appetizer cutters for the die-cutting shapes) and then with food coloring stamp dye patterns into white construction paper to make stationary.

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            If your daughter just won't eat them, try helping her make radish mice. Just Google Radish Mice, and you'll find many sites and YouTube demos on how to do it.

          2. Stir fry them lightly in a little butter.