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May 22, 2012 07:16 PM

Park Slope lunch with Dad

I haven't eaten in Park Slope in a while and need a weekday lunch suggestion. Doesn't need to be fancy, just yummy. Prefer to stay around 7th Avenue/6th Street, if possible...

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  1. Scalino is a nice Dad option. Very solid place run by very nice people. If you ask and get lucky, they'll make you their taglierini with truffle butter, which the last time I checked was off-menu. Istanbul Park is decent and Dad-y; their adana kebab is respectable. You can try Zito's, which has interesting stuff and fresh olives.

    If you and your Dad are more Chowhoundy, which is to say in to mom-and-pop ethnic food, then Tacos Nuevo Mexico is one of the best in that category in all of New York, somewhat uniquely situated on 5th Avenue and 12th Street (out of your range a bit) owing to the pre-gentrification history of area Hispanic eateries.

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      Scalino is a new one on me, interested in hearing more.

      I differ on the Istanbul Park adana kebab - the version I had was fairly boring. I dont know if they are making their own bread again - that made all the difference.

      If Dad likes Chinese or Middle-Eastern, Tofu on 7th, with its Szechuan dishes, and Mr. Felafel both have very good food informal formica decor..

    2. If you like fish and chips, Chip Shop is awesome. It's not fancy but it is super super delicious and they will batter and fry almost ANYTHING you bring them.

      1. Al Di La on 5th Ave. is open for lunch and not all that far away. Camp Di Fiore, also on 5th Ave., serves very good Roman style pizza in a pleasant atmosphere. Dad might like both those choices.

        1. We ended up at Scalino. My dad's taglierini with meat sauce was yummy, and a big portion- they have a lunch special of a pasta and green salad for $10. The mixed green salad, tho very basic, was very fresh. I had an app of meatballs in traditional sauce- it was fine but not amazing, and an app of roasted baby artichokes. The artichokes had not too much flavor and were served with a sliver or two of roasted garlic and a lot of olive oil. Very under seasoned and bland, unfortunately, since I love artichokes! It was very quiet on this rainy day and I think that the owner may have been waiting on us. I don't know that I would go out of my way to eat there again, but would return if I was in the nabe and needed somewhere reliable to go to.

          I am looking forward to trying Campo Di Fiore soon- I had the best pizza ever at a tiny pizzeria at the real Campo in Italy!! And I agree, ChipShop is pretty awesome, but bathing suit season is coming ;)


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