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May 22, 2012 07:15 PM

Where to eat after drinks at the Experimental Cocktail Club (Rivington and Chrystie)

Ah LES, I mss you so. You have changed drastically since I moved to DC in 2004. I'm back for a visit...heart palpitating out of my chest, NYC is my motherland. Okay, my husband and I are getting drinks at the Experimental Cocktail Club at 8:30 on Thursday. I think we're going to try to find a nice spot for dinner in relatively close walking distance (I'll likely be in heels and don't want to break an ankle). Can anyone recommend a wonderful dinner spot in the neighborhood that would provide us with a memorable meal? Or maybe not-memorable given how many cocktails we'll have likely consumed in the hours before dinner....I tried getting a res at WD-50 to no avail. But c'mon LESiders, help an expat out, there has to be a hidden gem we can hit up.

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  1. You haven't given any info about what you like to eat or what you want to spend, but Peasant (Italian) and Cocoran (soba) are close by.

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      Hi small h. We are looking to maximize our dining experiences. So we're not really pigeonholed into a particular cuisine or price range. But we're coming from a (reportedly) fun lounge and will be dressed nicely so we're not necessarily looking to eat a hole in the wall either. Soba sounds intriguing since, other than sushi, Japanese cuisine isn't huge in DC. Would you recommend Corcoran over Stanton Social (which was recommended to me by a friend today) and both Soba and Peasant over Stanton? Thanks so much!

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        Stanton Social is a fun place if you are 24 and enjoy shrieking. Some of the food is very good, some is mediocre. If that sounds sort of appealing, except that you are older than 24 and don't enjoy shrieking, then Beauty & Essex may be more your speed. I don't know how the food is - I've read that it's fine - but the atmosphere is lively and you won't feel overdressed. Neither is "a wonderful dinner spot," though.

        Peasant is not lounge-y like the above. It would be my choice if food were your main concern. Cocoran is a small, casual place, mostly counter seating, so it may not be what you're looking for that evening.

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          That's great advice in particular about the atmosphere at Stanton, thanks. Shrieking isn't what we had in mind. What have you had at Peasant that you liked? Anything on the menu that is mandatory eating?

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            That's an amazingly accurate description. Way to put your finger exactly on the atmosphere.

            +1 for Peasant. The polpi in purgatorio (baby octopus with chile) was our favorite dish of the evening. Another great option in the neighborhood is Balaboosta, a really delicious and unique Middle Eastern spot. The smoked eggplant bruschetta and carrot puree + goat cheese pizza were standout dishes. No shrieking in either restaurant.