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Crave-able dishes!

I am looking for the specific dish that knocks your block off, even if it's french fries!
A dish that cannot be denied once it beckons and you must go across town at rush hour just to have it!

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  1. The Short Ribs at Lucques.

    1. Egg caviar at Melisse.
      Uni pasta at Angelini Osteria
      The sweetbreads at Animal (before they changed the recipe, so I haven't been in a year).
      The charred octopus at Mozza.
      The sweetbreads at Mozza
      Sweetbreads at Prune (okay, always get them in N.Y.)
      White asparagus risotto at 3 Square.
      Truffle risotto (when they have it) at Maison Giraud
      Uni (Japanese and Santa Barbara) at Mori Sushi
      Barracuda (slightly charred at Mori's. The tofu and soy sauce at Mori's (go figure!)
      Lobster bolognese at Melisse
      Prime rib and yorkshire pudding at Lawry's
      Buttermilk donuts at Primo's or Dk's.
      Chocolate chip cookies at Farmshop
      Fresh and warm bread at Bay Cities (but once it is not warm, just okay)
      (I've only had it once - but some kind of mussel soup at Jitlada with a bowl of something you add to the broth - and if you add it all - just great. But you have to let it cool down around 15 minutes or so before you can eat it)
      Sweet potato fries at Josie's
      Sam Wood roast duck in Van Nuys next to 99 Ranch
      Cupid's Chili dogs (it's a youth memory thing. Not offended if you don't get it.)
      I'm getting tired. And hungry.

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        Fantastic. what a list!
        Thanks for that!

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          I ABSOLUTELY get the Cupid's thing (started eating them in the 70s). Every time I go to the valley I stop and eat one there and grab a couple to go!
          The Burrito de Bistec Encebollado from Las Fuentes in Reseda
          Chicken from Dino's Chicken & Burgers

        2. One craving that has been haunting me for the past few weeks is Sotto's spicy clams in guazzetto w/ cranberry beans and 'njuda.

          Visited this spot a little over a month or so back. Over everything else we had that night, the clams dish stuck out more than anything. I was so full from everything else, but I just had to keep tasting that broth. Remarkable dish.

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            I have been meaning to get there- I will definitely try them. Thanks, Novelli.

          2. Double Double Animal style. In-n-Out.

            I'll show myself out. :(

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                Thank you! I will check them out...

              2. Any pastrami on rye from Langer's.

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                1. Santouka Ramen (my fave is #4 Shio Chasu).....ahhh the broth!

                  1. Chocolate croissant (Proof Bakery)

                    Sweet potato sandwich (Simple Things)

                    Mince meat rice (Why Thirsty)

                    Graham Cracker Ice Cream (Mother Moo)

                    Pistachio Gelato (Bulgarini)

                    Egg, guanciale etc. pizza (Pizzeria Mozza)

                    Salted egg cream buns (Sea Harbour dim sum)

                    Pastrami Chili Cheese Fries (The Hat)

                    Maple Bacon Brioche Bun (Semi Sweet Bakery)

                    Probably many more, but those are what tickles my fancy right now.

                    1. -Open-faced egg salad sandwich at Euro Pane in Pasadena
                      -Sous vide/grilled ribeye steak at Picca
                      -Velvet Merlin stout, salted caramel, and coconut lime ice cream/sorbet flavors at Sweet Rose Creamery
                      -Dan dan mian at Lucky Noodle King in San Gabriel
                      -Dolce de leche-filled turnovers/facturas at Grand Casino Bakery in Culver City - must be fresh and with a cuppa joe.
                      -FO burger in Culver City (shut up Servorg :))
                      -Sauteed banana pancakes at Metro Cafe in Culver City
                      -Lamb noodle soup at Sweethome Grill in San Gabriel
                      -Meat pies (any of them) at Beijing Pie House in Monterey Park
                      -Kogashi miso ramen w/ spicy bomb at Mottainai Ramen in Gardena
                      -Several items (Jidori chicken things are great) at Izakaya Bincho in Redondo Beach, but the "meatball pot" on a cold winter night is amazing.
                      -Brisket and ribtips at Bludso's in Compton
                      -Tomo-san's smoked salmon at Kiriko in West LA
                      -Paella and bocadillos at La Espanola in Harbor City
                      -Hummus w/ mushrooms at Hummus Bar & Grill in Tarzana
                      -Gyro at Mezza formally in Culver City, now in Cerritos
                      -Tortillas flores/"Indian butter" at Rivera in DTLA

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                        How the mighty have fallen... ;-D>

                        1. re: Servorg

                          Like all who go to bars and make errors in judgement, I was drunk... :)

                      2. animal - BBQ pork belly sliders
                        bay cities deli - godmother
                        café dulcé - green tea donut
                        chego - ooey gooey fries
                        cora's coffee shoppe - eggs benedict w/smoked salmon
                        father's office - FO burger
                        gjelina - butterscotch pot de crème
                        lukshon - spicy chicken pops
                        pie hole - bacon wrapped meatloaf pie
                        porto's bakery - potato balls
                        son of a gun - fried chicken sandwich