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May 22, 2012 06:04 PM

Thai One On, (Avenue Rd north of Wilson) Aw c'mon, I should have known though!

We ate dinner tonight at Thai One On.
I should have known it was going to be a not great dinner by the fact that it always has a Groupon Now deal.
We were desperate from something different and took a gamble.

I have to ask, is there actually an Asian chef in the back?

The wait staff oddly also stayed huddled by the cash with their back to the tables most the time, it was hard to get their attention for the bill.

We ate vegetable fried rice (incredibly wet)
Crispy fish in a curry (many non edible seasonings spread throughout that could choke a horse but not clearly distinguishable from the other curry sauced vegetables) that had an incredible amount of bones and very dry.
Mixed appetizer platter, very greasy, not very tasty. The shrimp chips with I loved at Thai Magic ages ago were very stale. Fried tofu too heavy and firm. Calamari over cooked.

The wait staff were very nice but the food gives such a bad impression of Thai food.

Regrettable even with the groupon discount. And the gut rot is setting in.
Just thought I would detour other deal interested folks to take a pass.
Still in search of something (non-sushi) Asian north of downtown, West of Yonge.. Idas

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  1. Its owned and operated by Sri Lankans.

    1. Have you been to Thai Plate on Bathurst? It's my go to in the area. Khao San Road is better by far, but when you're looking for someone that delivers, Thai Plate is my fix.

      1. Isn't the rule of thumb that the more "Punny" the name, the worse the food. With Thai anyway??


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        1. re: Davwud

          It's understandable that a bad Thai meal could disorient anyone. For those who are connoisseurs of dreary Thai cooking, Thai One On can actually be found, if you insist, on Avenue Rd. several blocks SOUTH - rather than north - of Wilson Ave. Avenue Rd. north of Wilson doesn't exist - except as exits on to Hwy. 401. I've had better luck in the neighbourhood with the aforementioned Thai Plate or, somewhat farther afield, Khmer Thai, on St. Clair Ave. West, two blocks west of Oakwood Ave. Good home-style Thai and Cambodian cooking at attractive prices.

          1. re: juno

            I agree that Thai Plate is probably the best bet in that neighbourhood. I have not tried the Avenue Rd./Wilson Thai One On, because had negative experiences with a Thai One On around University and Dundas.

        2. Ooops. You are right, SOUTH of Wilson.
          Thanks so much, I will check out the Thai Plate.
          Looking forward to it.

          1. I would check out pho mi asia for asian kind of close to your area. A bit west though, on wilson near keele.

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            1. re: szw

              Pho Mi Asia, mentioned above, in a large strip plaza anchored by a Value Village, has a mainly Vietnamese menu, beefed up with some Thai dishes. Popular with the local working-class neighbourhood. Low prices. You can get a tasty, substantial bowl of pho for $6 and it makes a satisfying lunch or dinner. Fast, sharp service. I go only for the pho, which comes in four sizes, so I've never tried the Thai dishes.