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May 22, 2012 05:55 PM

Suggestions for High School Graduation dinner?

Hi,,my son is graduating Thursday in West Roxbury. Including siblings/parents/grandparents et al, we will be a party of 7. Any suggestions on where to go that may be different/unusual/, fun for a 18 year old his family? Anywhere in Boston or suburbs is welcome. Thanks a lot,,,,,

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  1. I think Eastern Standard would feel special while still being fun and not break the bank. I also think Gaslight in the south end could work for French food (and they have a parking lot). There are all the new places by the water if you want to spend $$ (Del Frisco's, Legal), an old place by the water (Meritage) and Island Creek in Kenmore for great seafood in a great room.

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    1. re: total13

      Eastern Standard and Gaslight are both excellent suggestions.

    2. If you want to stay local and lower key, I like Sophia's Grotto, Porter Cafe and Redd's in Rozzy. These may be your local places and want something a bit more upscale. ESK and ICOB are are good suggestions. I've found Gaslight to be only OK. Tapas places might be fun (Estragon, Taberna de Haro).

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        While I also don't LOVE Gaslight, it is serviceable, and has parking, a big plus for those coming from out of town. The tapas idea is also quite nice, with the ability to taste many different menu items.

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          Agreed on the local suggestions, and would add Masona Grill for bistro food with a Peruvian influence (ceviche, lots of grilled meats), or West on Centre for standard American fare.

        2. My son really enjoyed Dali.