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May 22, 2012 05:10 PM

Lunch stop on drive from Bologna to Brescello?

We'll be driving from Bologna to Brescello (for a bike ride along the Po) and would love to find a great stop for lunch, either along the way or in or around Brescello. One of those wonderful E-R countryside trattorias (simple is fine) would be perfect, but can't seem to find anything that isn't totally out of the way. Hope you chime in, Allende. After taking your advise on the "hidden gem," Pre de Costa, in the Dolomites last year, and thoroughly enjoying it, I would be most grateful for your recommendations (if you have any). Grazie mille!

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  1. This one is very easy. Going from Bologna to Brescello you have to take the A1 and get off at Parma Nord.

    Therefore, the two places to choose from are La Buca in Zibello and Da Ivan in Roccabianca, on the way from Parma Nord to Brescello. I've written extensively about both of them here. Both fit your wants perfectly and offer the best that the Parmense countryside offers with a trattoria setting.

    Both are similar to Pre de Costa in their own way.

    Have fun.

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      Allende, thank you so much for your very prompt response (and I apologize for my tardy one). I had actually already thought of these places (having read the wonderful reviews by you and others on this board) but unfortunately, they are too far out of our way for our purposes (and the latter closed on Monday which is when we will be there). That said, however, we have revised our bike ride. We are now driving from Bologna to Colorno and riding from there to (roughly) Coenzo. Al Vedal in Colorno looked good for lunch but, alas, they too are closed on Monday. Even my first choice for lunch (and only a LITTLE out of the way), the wonderful Ai Due Platani, is closed for lunch on Mondays now! If you or anyone have any ideas for a place open Monday lunch in the area of Colorno (or anywhere on the way from Bologna) would very much appreciate it.

      1. re: pastahound

        my apologies in advance for making recommendations based on book listings and not personal experience - would Viadana (the location of Osteria da Bortolino (2 gamberi, Slowfood), closing day Thurs, be too far? Or you could stop in Reggio Emilia or Parma; distances arent so great.

        ps are you sure Ai Due Platani is closed for Mon lunch?all the online sources I see still indicate its closed for Dinner that day

        1. re: jen kalb

          Thanks, Jen, but Viadana is also too far away. At this point I'm considering Ristorante Locanda Stendhal just north of Colorno. Looks promising and may be our only real option (not wanting to stop in Parma proper on this day). As for Due Platani, it seems it used to be open on Monday, lunch only, but now sadly is not (I called).

          1. re: pastahound

            Sorry I can't be of help other than Da Ivan (where we were for dinner this past Friday... really great) and La Buca, where we had two wonderful meals two weeks ago.

            Mondays are difficult in the ER countryside.