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May 22, 2012 04:41 PM

where to eat when in Baskin Ridge NJ

Going to a wedding this Saturday afternoon, but arriving form Maryland on Friday afternoon, where would you go for a dinner, a breakfast and a great deli sandwich?

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  1. If you get Friday dinner at the Mockingbird Cafe, or Saturday breakfast at the Mockingbird Cafe, you will be very happy. It's BYOB. If it's nice out, a drink or two at the Bamboo Grille at the Basking Ridge Country Club can be nice...out back on the patio, overlooking the golf's open to the public.

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      Mockingbird would have been my first choice - dinner and breakfast are both excellent. They are small and do get crowded, though, and do not take reservations for less than 5 people. Perhaps they won't be so crowded this weekend since many will be away. The other option I thought of was a strip mall on Mountainview Blvd (near Martinsville Road) which has three options: Origin Thai, Naranj (Persian) and Bulu (Italian). They are all BYOB and there is a decent wine shop right in the mall. The Italian is pretty good, I do enjoy Narang a lot, and I like Origin Thai, but I haven't been to this location - just the one in downtown Morristown.

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        Thanks for the tip
        Any good micro breweries in the area?
        Oh, whats your take on Arthur's in Morris Plains?

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          There is a brewery/restaurant in New Providence - not that far away on Route 78. It's called Trap Rock Brewery. Here is their website:
          Been there just once, but we did enjoy it. BYOB's are more our style.

          It's about 10 miles from Basking Ridge.

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            Been to the Arthur's in MP once, really enjoyed the steak.

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              I'm a beer lover but not a big fan of Trap Rock - I find it to be pretentious (e.g. valet parking) and overpriced for what it is. Beer is pretty good, though. If I were looking for some good NJ/regional beers in that area I would go to the bar at the Somerset Hills Hotel (really) or the Sterling Tavern (on the main drag in Sterling).

              Arthur's definitely has a following - big steaks, okay quality, reasonable prices, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go there.

              1. re: Technor

                This is late but for anybody who might read this now... Arthur's steaks are more than half fat. It is truly a rip off and rather disgusting. I do enjoy the pickles given before the meal though.

                1. re: chowhounder411

                  While I won't debate you on the quality of the steak with regards to grade and whether it's any good, please note I'm not trying to pick a fight with you either......but I 'll have to disagree with you comments regarding the fat content. The steaks are not half fat ...and every steak I have ever gotten there is properly trimmed, never having more than a 1/4 outer edge before broiling. If you are referring to fat pockets between the outer Deckle and Eye, then there is no debate, as they are supposed to be that is the cut of the steak. Your complaint is often repeated, but it is unfair. If you are opposed to fat, you should not be ordering Rib Eye steak. Restaurants do not go out of their way to purchase cheaper priced meat whit higher fat pockets. They choose their meat from a supplier and pay the wholesale price associated with it. Most purveyors are consistent with pricing when compared to their competitors....When they purchase the whole loin or eye, they pay the same price for the meat and the fat within. The thought of purchasing specific meat with more (bad)fat is not possible. The fat issue should not be confused with marbling, as that is a good thing. While I have no inside knowledge to how Arthurs's purchases their meat, they have four general options......Prime, Choice, Select or Ungraded. The last two make no sense and it's safe to assume it is not Prime.

                  1. re: fourunder

                    I know the importance of fat. I love fat. If you took lean meat from a chicken and added beef fat, it'd taste like beef. If you took the lean meat from beef and added pork fat, pork. It's where the flavor is. I would write I <3 FaT on my facebook page if I were a teenage girl. But when my meat is literally one entire side fat with the other half fat and half lean *not marbled* (cheap cuts) I think I'm getting ripped off. It is at least select.

          2. Definitely the Mockingbird for breakfast or lunch. Check the following thread for some additional places for dinner (Note: not all are in or near Basking Ridge):