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May 22, 2012 04:24 PM

Siesta Key - Good lunch spot within walking distance of the beach

Hi Chowhounds!

So, our trip to Sarasota is fast approaching (first week of June). Our first day on Siesta Key Beach, we are meeting up with some friends at the beach. I am trying to figure out where on the beach we should settle that is near restrooms and good food so we don't have to leave the beach. Can anyone suggest a good meeting spot that is within walking distance to a tasty lunch spot? We will have 4 kids under the age of 5 with us so preferably a counter service versus waitstaff. Something we can grab and bring back to eat on the beach is even better! Deli, sandwiches, fish, etc.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. There is a concession stand at the beach. Have no clue how the food is, but with small children it would be great. Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy our beautiful beach.

    1. I would stop at a publix and get Boars Head heroes and bring them to the beach. The concession stand is typical fried food. Siesta Key beach is small enough so you will be near restrooms no matter where you lay down.

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        Or better yet stop here. Haven't had them in a long time but from my memories they were very good sandwiches.

      2. The concesssion stand at the beach is a good choice... The food is ok and the kids will love the atmosphere. There is also a subway in the village. Have a great time. Siesta Key is a great place.

        1. I know I am replying late in the game so I hope this reaches you in time and is relevant. The main part of Siesta Key beaches near the consession stands have restrooms but there is nothing but bowling alley type food. Mother of four is right about Anna's. Great sandwiches and they are HUGE. If you can get the kids to agree they could easily split one. But from the public beach it is a long walk, especially with children. And then the walk back with hungry little ones and food. It is hard enough to get them to leave the beach, let alone to get those hungry bellies back to the beach.
          The choice part for me is at the crux of Ocean Blvd and Beach Rd. Public acsess (smaller beach acsess than the public beach)#5 is right there and though it has no public restrooms it is right by the village( main heart of the beach) so you can be within a minute or so walking distance to several restaurants and a 7 -11 for restroom access. And there is a great array of places to eat. As the a fore mentioned Subway is there, but if I am going out of town I want some local goodies. Two new babies on the block to try are Village Gourmet.. counter service like you wanted. Less than a block from where I suggested you try to park. And good deli style food. Family owned and it's of homemade sweeties(made by mama). That is on Calle Miramar. One block up is another cool place that sells hot dogs and donuts( minis on a stick) at the outside of a fancy restaurant. Screams carnival food to kids. It is in the same parking lot as Siesta Key market where you can also get great sandwiches to order or pre made. They also have fresh fruit and veggies that are good for the kids and chips and such that will be vacation worthy. The roast beef from the deli is fresh roasted and outstanding, nice and rare. OK. I have babbled enough. Have a good trip to our beautiful town

          1. I would like to know what you ended up doing for beach eats. Thanks

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              Hi Suzigirl,

              Your response is well timed! We actually postponed our trip until August for personal reasons and are re-booked for the first week of September. I am going to look into all of your suggestions as they sound perfect for what I am looking for. We just potty trained our toddler so a close bathroom is now an absolute must Lol!

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                If anything has changed by September I will repost the changes. Siesta is very beautiful. You will love it.

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                  Thanks! That would be very helpful. Regarding the prior post with recommendations. What are the names of the delis so I can look them up on a map? I have Anna's, Village Gourmet, and the Siesta Market. What is the name of the place on Calle Miramar and the shop associated with the fancy restaurant that sells the donuts?

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                    The little place outside of the restaurant is slipping my mind but it is outside of the lobster pot restaurant. There are no more than 15 restaurants in a few blocks so you can find a good lunch. And i saw a circular this week in our local paper that says you can order lunch boxes to be picked up at the Village Gourmet. That way there are no lines for the kids. And though Anna's has great sandwiches, the menu is pretty limited. I am going out there next week. I will park in the village and do some scouting on foot to give you recent rundown on what's good for counter service or just simple.

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                      That would be AWESOME! Thanks so much!

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                        No problem. If you want more info from around here and i can help, just ask. Been here all my life.

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                        What a sweetheart you are. Southern hospitality at it's best.

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                          I am a southern girl through and through.

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                            Hi Suzigirl! Any update on the above? We leave in two weeks, and I'm super excited!

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                              Sorry I haven't replied to you sooner. There are bunches of nice places on the key. The ones in walking distance are plentyful but the ones with counter service are not as plentyful. I know that statement is redundant but whatever. There is so many places on Siesta to eat great food in such a small walkable area I have no idea where to begin. There is a little bit for everytaste. Baja Hub for Latin style. Blu for BBQ. Taste of Asia. Salty Dog for American style(that used to be my husbands great grandmas house). Village Cafe for soup salad and sandwiches. Broken Egg for breakfast. Lazy Lobster for lobster and I could go on and on. Lots and lots of great eats out there. And Ashley's for delivery besides Chinese and pizza. Have fun