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May 22, 2012 03:38 PM

Donut Savant in Oakland

I recently stumbled across this new donut place at 1934 Broadway. All donuts are made without commercial mixes and they are made throughout the day. When I was there in the afternoon, they had glazed donuts that were fresh, warm and delicious. They also had a selection of small donuts sans holes of which a chocolate glazed was fresh and warm. The donuts are fairly traditional flavors -- i.e., no bacon -- though they did have a salted maple that was quite good. I see from their Facebook page that they are doing apple fritters too, which I will return to try. The owner is in the back making the donuts, and her mother is staffing the counter. Their coffee was good too, on par with the drip at most Peet's.

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  1. Apparently that's an old Lee's Donuts shop. Sounds like a real upgrade!

    1. the apple fritters(1) has bits of granny apple in it.. other donut "wholes" go for .50, .75. didn't check price for regular donuts.
      flavors are unique, distinct, texture of donut is cake-like.
      parking meters suck. must buy l hour minimum/maximum-ended up using ticket in other parts of town.

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        Cake-like is right even the raised glazed. All six I tasted were just fine by me. Fresh make, high quality oil, store made everything, not bad prices. All the offerings are, even for donuts quite sweet. Solid place

      2. Nice spot. They have yeast and cake doughnuts, both of which I'd recommend. For $2.50, I got to try three different small sized items. Considering that most "artisan" doughnut shops are charging $2.50 or more a piece, this is definitely a good buy.

        First off, wewwew is right about the oil. There's no hint of that old oil smell commonly found at doughnut places. Also, the doughnuts are not even remotely greasy, yet they have a nice crust.

        The raised doughnuts have a sturdy almost bready structure, yet are still nice and soft. I particularly enjoyed the maple bar. It's about 1/3 the size or small than maple bars I've previously had, and this is a welcome thing. It's a pity they don't have any filled ones.

        The maple cake doughnut was my favorite. It's round and just the right size. It had a thin crunchy outside, a nicely flavored inside, and a slightly salty glaze.

        1. I finally made it here over the weekend. Ended up with a selection of multiple small cake doughnuts (chocolate dust, which is cocoa powder plus finely granulated sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate glazed, vanilla glazed, and maple glazed with a sprinkle of sea salt), and two jam filled raised donuts (strawberry-raspberry in one, marionberry in the other). I prefer a cake style but even I liked the raised here. Chewy and substantial, in a very good way. The vanilla glaze has some saltiness, which is addictive. Delicious all around, very fresh, great flavors.