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May 22, 2012 02:05 PM

In Denver - fresh pita bread. . .maybe injera too?

I'm in the process of cooking up all the dishes in Epicurious' 80 global dishes (for the experience and just as something to do on the side as I'm always goal/project-oriented). I'm only 3 dishes in but expect that I'll have more questions on sourcing ingredients as I go along.

Having provided some background, I ended up preparing falafels & baba ghanouj yesterday. In order to obtain some of the ingredients, I went to the Middle East Market on Colorado & Iliff and totally forgot to look around for fresh pita bread so I ended up using some pita I bought from the nearby King Soopers. Does anyone know of a place where I can get fresh pita bread in the Denver area?

Looking forward a little bit, I've also got Doro Wat on the future menu. Does anyone know of a place in Denver where I can purchase fresh injera. I know I can probably just ask a restaurant in the area but curious if there're ethnic stores that would carry pita and/or injera.

Thanks for any recommendations and help!

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  1. Udi's makes fresh flatbreads that are basically pitas, and are delicious; you can get them at their bakeries and at farmer's markets where they have a booth (such as Boulder). In a pinch, the Falafel King brand pitas that you can get at Whole Foods are pretty good too (just reheat them).

    Not sure on injera. I usually go to Ras Kassas in Boulder to buy it when I cook Ethiopian, but they always seem a little annoyed to sell it (presumably because I'm eating at home instead of there). I've tried making it at home, but it's a ton of trouble (has to ferment a couple of days and never comes out quite right), and when I took an Ethiopian cooking class the Ethiopian lady teaching it said "goodness, why would you make it? Just buy it from a restaurant, that's what everyone I know does."

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      Hi monopod. I thought I'd send a quick note over to you and let you know that I found fresh pita & injera!

      Some really nice injera (maybe about 10 big sheets) for $6 at a place called Ehrl's (or something like that) International Market in Aurora. It's in the same strip-mall as the donut shop near a Popeye's (3122 S. Parker Rd.). There didn't seem to be much else but I stopped because they had a big sign that advertised fresh Afghan bread (actually have some for Jazz at the Park this evening to eat along with some homemade Ful Medames & hummus - I know it's not the same cusine but I figure a combination of good food is still good). So as we were checking out, I noticed they had injera and it's made at a local injera bakery company. I'm assuming restaurants are probably getting their injera from this place too? It was the "Yejat Enjera Baker" which has an address listed at 5702 E. Colfax.

      The wife and I then decided to pop into Arash International Market (also in Aurora) and we found loads of different pita, lavash & other breads I had never seen (but will DEFINITELY try). Great price on olives (forget Whole Paycheck, et. al.), parsley, lemons, lamb, goat, dried ingredients, etc.

      Just thought I'd share my findings!