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May 22, 2012 02:00 PM

Local Fare in Bali (Ubud & Seminyak/Kuta/Legian)

My wife and I will be staying in Ubud for 5 nights, and Seminyak for 8, and while I've found a few recommendations for Ubud, I'm really struggling to find any for good Indonesian/Balinese food in the Seminyak/Legian/Kuta area :(

Here's what I've got for Ubud so far:

Bebek Bengil (for duck), Gula Bali, Murni's Warung, Ibu Oka (for babi guling)

As I mentioned, I'm looking for Indonesian/Balinese food, and have no interest whatsoever in eating anything western while away. I've not issue with eating street food either.

Any tips for Ubud or the general Seminyak area would be much appreciated!

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  1. Can direct you to some good streetfood in Seminyak (my thread from last year):

    (I've included a better map in this thread W Hotel for orientation


    First thing to do when you get to Seminyak is to grab a scooter for your 8 days (pay no more than US$5/day), there are lots of hire places on Jalan Petitenget which is main strip. Everyone rides slowly so don't worry. That will make it much easier to explore the food.

    Will think about other restaurants and post again later.

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      There's a place called Cafe Biku on Petitenget (short walk from W Hotel) which I've been to many times. Menu has both Western and Indonesian - don't be put off by that though as menu clearly segregated (not fusion) and I only ever ordered the Indonesian food which was authentic. It's a casual place and staff all very sweet Balinese and dressed nicely in local garb. My wife stayed in Bali two months and this was one of her favourite hangouts. Menu is on their website:

      Also, do your wife a favour: Buy her a copy of People Magazine, take her to Potato Head (beach club) and ask for a day bed by the pool. Food sucks (think club sandwich) but cocktails are beautiful, has cool music playing and looks out to the ocean. Actually, their fries are served with dry dip of finely-grated parmesan and rosemary - not Indo, but so good. Day beds and pool are free (apart from food/drinks, which are reasonably priced). Trust me -- the real Bali is amazing but sometime during your two weeks you'll want to get away from the dust and chaos of the streets just to catch your breath for a couple of hours. This is the place.

        1. re: GordonS

          Yes, that's it. Nice for breakfast or lunch or early dinner.

          Again, don't be put off by the unimaginative foreign dishes on the menu. The Indonesian food is good.

          Also, I'm an avid meat eater, so one surprise was how much I loved the tempeh ( in Bali. I've had Australian and American tempeh before (usually firm and strong tasting), but the local Balinese stuff is soft/light and mild tasting. Keep an eye out for it on menus.

          1. re: p0lst3r

            Interesting, I'd never heard of that. Seems I have a lot of reading up to do on Indonesian food so I know what to look out for :D

            1. re: GordonS

              Indonesian tempeh beats the versions we have in Singapore and Malaysia hands-down. Don't miss it whilst you're there!

    2. In Ubud, I really enjoyed Kafe Batan Waru (great version of Urap Pakis, veggie version of Lawar Salad, Ayam Rica Rica (yes, Manadonese, but if you're not going to Manado....) and, on saté night, the ikan lilit saté (hint: go on saté night!)): Warung Ekat was also quite tasty (pepes lindung is exceptional, otak-otak teggiri, ikan batar sambal matah):

      Warung D'Sawah in Kerobokan was the best traditional food I ate in south Bali, and it is a removed from the mahem of Kuta/Seminyak.

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        I also came across Kafe Batan Waru since starting this thread (they have branches in Ubud and Seminyak), so thanks for adding more weight to that, and also for suggesting dishes else I have never heard of to try :)

        I hadn't heard of Warung Enak and Warung D'Sawah, so have added them to the list too, thanks.