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May 22, 2012 01:30 PM

Flint Style Coney Island's in Canton / Plymouth Area - need suggestions please!

Can anyone suggest a place to get a "Flint, MI" style Coney Island? This is the dry chili topping and preferably a Koegel hot dog. I'll be visiting the Canton, Plymouth, Ann Arbor area in a couple of weeks, but can't make it all the way up to Flint and I need my fix. Thx

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  1. Sorry. None that I know of. I had to go to Flint to find out the difference. Most of the coney islands around this area uses the National Coney Island chili.

    1. Raises an interesting question: where is the southernmost Flint-style coney place (aside from Jackson)? Going north from Detroit, where is the exact dividing line?